How to Look Expensive

Two Methods:Wearing Expensive-Looking ClothesActing Wealthy

Whether trying to impress a potential client or your partners' parents, heading to a high-class function, or simply trying to bring some class into your life, looking expensive doesn't have to be expensive. It is, of course, much easier to have a lot of money, but anyone can look expensive with a little trickery.

Method 1
Wearing Expensive-Looking Clothes

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    Keep abreast of recent fashion trends to avoid looking square. Having expensive taste is necessary to look expensive. Keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends by referring to fashion magazines and following red carpet trends in Hollywood and New York. Remember that your own personal preferences, though important, need to share the stage with high fashion.
    • Model your behavior after rich people.
    • Conform to societal standards of wealth and beauty.
    • Listen to the advice of fashion magazines, blogs, and stylists.
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    Know that looking expensive takes priority over style if you have confidence. Half the fun of looking expensive is wearing clothes that no one else would ever touch. Because rich people can afford to buy a lot of clothing and accessories, they have no problems trying something out one night to see how it looks, no matter how silly it looks. Have confidence that what you're wearing is "the talk of the town" and it will be, for better or worse.
    • If something costs a lot of money, it will make you look expensive.
    • Confidence is key -- you shouldn't care about what other people think about your style, because you don't either. Think about money, not necessarily about looking good.
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    Invest in 1-2 expensive "statement" pieces. You don't have to have $1,000 shirts if you have one nice accessory or pairs of shoes. Forgot about looking extravagant and instead impress people with one well thought out piece of jewelry or a nice skirt. As long as the rest of your outfit looks okay, most people will focus on the "show-piece."
    • Aim for quality of clothes over quantity.
    • Reserve this piece for special occasions for maximum effect.
    • Buy cheap versions of the small things and save your money for bigger, nice pieces that you can build an outfit around.[1]
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    Get your clothes tailored to fit you. Cheap clothing can turn into a knockout dress if you're willing to fork over the cash needed to make it fit. Most clothing from "middle-class," "bourgeois" or "poor" stores is made in sizes that fit the average person. But looking expensive is about going beyond average, so get your clothes custom fitted at a local tailor to make it less plebeian and more personal.
    • Remove ugly, pre-stitched buttons and replace them with equally ugly, but slightly more expensive, marbled or brass buttons.[2]
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    Resist the urge to buy knockoff products. Knockoffs are imitations of famous or expensive things, and they call attention to you as being fake or cheap. Moreover, they frequently break much faster than the real thing and reveal themselves to be knockoffs quickly. Avoid buying imitation goods and just buy the real thing.

Method 2
Acting Wealthy

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    Know that expensive people rarely think about money. When you have a ton of cash, spending it means nothing. Rich, expensive people spend money like the rest of us breathe air -- all day, every day. So go out and be a baller at the next party, rack up some credit card debt, and be confident that you'll find a way to pay for it. Thinking about money and financial responsibility is antithetical to looking expensive.[3]
    • Unfortunately, looking expensive usually requires actually being wealthy. You can only convince people you have money for so long if you don't have any money.
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    Be generous with your tips. Everyone loves the benevolent rich person, so spread some of your love with those less fortunate when you can. Remember, however, that this is for show -- you are giving away money because you can, not because feel obligated to.
    • Create the biggest contrast you can between you and your server. While a $200 tip is a lot for a hardworking, kind waiter, it should feel like pennies to you.
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    Show off your excess without hesitation. Getting the most expensive meal or picking up the groups tab shows that, to you, money isn't very important. Even more importantly, it develops something of an entourage around you, as new "friends" will flock to you hoping to get in on the action.
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    Exude confidence. Walk like you know everything, talk like you know everything. Rich people (those who manage to maintain their wealth for a longer time) are avid learners and listeners. They tend to listen more and talk less, but when required, they are the only ones talking and nobody interrupts. Try to be the same and talk sense. This leaves an impression that one has leadership qualities and good communication skills, both of which are prevalent in rich people.
    • If someone interrupts you, let them speak, but use your eyes to let them know their mistake.
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    Be clean and hygienic. Dirt is the province of those less fortunate, so make sure you distinguish yourself as someone who can afford a shower. Keep yourself clean, brush your teeth frequently, and always wear deodorant.
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    Let people know when they've slighted you. When you're an expensive person you have expensive tastes, and people don't pay for failure. If you soup is cold, demand a new dish. Make sure your car is spotless after going through the car wash, and let a store assistant know that you can handle it yourself, thank you. This slight air of superiority equates with someone who needs a lot of maintenance, which is a synonym for expensive.
    • Act like you deserve the treatment you've paid for -- because you do, you are expensive.
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    Remember that looking expensive means nothing if you are poor on the inside. At the end of the day, there are very few times that judging someone based on the price-tag of their clothes is helpful, productive, or kind. Pretending to be rich is, in many ways, the ultimate exercise in vanity -- you are lying to impress people who have no real interest in being your friend. Your time is better spent developing your own style, working on becoming a better person, or trying to earn money instead of looking like you have it.


  • Don't overdo it on make up.
  • Look expensive at your own risk -- there is a lot more to life than pretending you are rich.


  • Having an expensive looking lifestyle is one of the fastest ways to end up poor.

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