How to Look Emo for School

Although emo started out a a genre of music, it has branched out into fashion and the ways people think. If you are looking to dress emo for school, but aren't sure how, this article is for you!


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    Before you start deciding how to dress, check into your school's dress code. Some schools don't allow students to have their hair dyed funky colors, to have a part of their face pierced, or to even wear certain types of shirts supporting bands because of the message that is portrayed.
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    Create a wardrobe of emo pieces. Many emo clothing items can be bought at a second-hand store such as GoodWill. You want to make sure your wardrobe is made mostly of tight jeans, band shirts and flat shoes such as converse, vans, or even military inspired boots. You can also create a unisex, retro feel to an outfit by buying shrunken vests or cardigans, which can also come fairly cheap.
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    Find a hairstyle that fits your personality. You want to build a routine that you can manage throughout the week. Many hairstyles in the emo subculture often require high maintenance or serious styling to build sufficient volume through teasing, so pick a simple style that you can work with. Dying your hair black is very popular amongst emos, as are low hanging bangs on both genders.
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    Find accessories that suit your style, while sticking to the school dress code. A lot of distinct emo accessories are cheap. Items like jelly bracelets, plastics barrettes, cute hair bows, scarves, thick rimmed glasses and black eyeliner are also good options.


  • Remember that your hairstyle expresses and represents who you are, not who anybody else is. Be proud of your hair and if you don't like it, no one else will.
  • If you get questioned if you are emo, simply say no, and walk off. The fact that they asked you probably means that they have already made up in their mind that you are emo and just wanted to see what your response would be.
  • Another good accessory to invest in, is tights. The good thing about tights is that they come in every color of the rainbow, and come fairly cheap.


  • Do not copy anyone else's style. Being emo means expressing individuality, and being who you are. Come up with your own style, and let your awesomeness shine through what you wear.
  • Do not cut yourself. This is a huge stereotype amongst emos, and although some do cut themselves, most don't. And if you really are depressed, consider seeing someone.

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