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Three Methods:Taking Care of Your FaceCleaning the Rest of Your BodyDressing Yourself Neatly

You can tell a lot about a person by how clean they look. In addition to the obvious aesthetic impact it has on a person's appearance, looking clean suggests someone is depending and worth taking seriously. Having a clean, well-kept appearance affects virtually every social interaction you'll have in your life, be it social, professional or romantic. With that in mind, looking clean should be made a priority to anyone who wants to leave a positive impression on the people they meet. A lot of things are involved in the maintenance of the full body's appearance, but most of them are easily worked into a casual morning routine without much extra fuss.

Method 1
Taking Care of Your Face

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    Brush your teeth. Your teeth bear the brunt of a lot of abuse and gunk over the course of your day. Between food and other factors, it's important to keep your teeth clean and white. Brush your teeth twice a day; once in the morning, and another time before going to sleep. Take at least two minutes to brush your teeth. It may help to divide your teeth into sections and spend 30 seconds brushing each quarter of your mouth.[1]
    • Although whitening strips have nothing to do with actually cleaning your teeth, getting your teeth a few shades whiter can make your mouth look cleaner.
    • Flossing is recommended as well. Flossing helps clean your teeth in the spaces your toothbrush isn't able to reach. Even if you brush twice a day, you should floss a maximum of once daily.
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    Wash your hair regularly.[2] If left unwashed for more than a couple of days, your hair will build a shiny layer of oil that will make you look unkempt and greasy. Having a shower and cleaning your hair thoroughly with shampoo is recommended at least three times a week. Apply the shampoo evenly throughout your hair, and massage it to the scalp. Although you should rinse your hair in hot water every morning, you should only shampoo your hair every other day. This will allow for a healthy build of natural oils to make your hair shiny without becoming excessively greasy.
    • Keep your hair properly maintained. Even if you're trying to grow it out, you should be regularly trimming the ends to prevent split-ends. If your hair is long, you should make a point of brushing it throughout the day, especially if you're spending time outdoors where it's windy or rainy.
    • Your hair should be thoroughly brushed or combed after washing it. This will keep it from being a mess once it dries.
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    Soften your lips with lip balm.[3] Your lips are an important indicator of health. Applying a lip balm regularly will keep them from getting chapped or flaky. This is especially important if you have a natural tendency for dry lips. Even if you look clean everywhere else, unkempt lips will attract negative attention.
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    Shave or style facial hair.[4] You can have facial hair and still be considered clean by virtually every standard. However, you should take care to keep your beard neatly trimmed. For a truly clean look, facial hair should be kept less than half an inch long. Use a specialized beard trimmer to keep your beard evenly cut every couple of days. Because every strand of hair grows at a slightly different pace, it's a good idea to make a more common habit of facial hair maintenance, rather than waiting for the point where it gets too long.
    • Cleanly shaving your neck is a good idea as well. A scruffy neck looks unkempt by most standards.
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    Moderate the use of makeup. Makeup can effectively highlight and emphasize certain facial features, but heavy cosmetics should be left for the fashion runway and horror films. Caking on makeup can look suffocating or even cartoonish, and the build-up of material on your skin will look anything but clean. Even for the most glamorous occasions, it's better to use too little makeup than too much. A natural look is ultimately a clean look, and cleanliness will attract the best sort of people toward you.
    • Makeup should be promptly removed at the end of each day. If you leave it on it will have a negative effect with the oils in your skin. This can lead to blemishes.
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    Moisturize your face.[5] Dry skin will add years to your appearance and make you look like you're in a permanent need of sleep. Although a full body moisturizer can also be recommended, it's most important to moisturize your face, as this is the part of you people look at the most. Take a dab of moisturizer and apply it in a slow, gentle and circular motion evenly across your face, focusing on the cheeks and the area around your eyes.
    • Moisturizing your skin is especially important if you have a tendency for oily skin and acne. Keeping your skin free of preventable blemishes will keep you looking clean. Don't pick at any acne marks or you'll risk potential scarring.
    • Consider getting a specific moisturizer for your eyes. Eye moisturizer is composed of a more delicate material than regular moisturizer to compensate for the gentle skin around eyes.[6]
    • In a pinch, washing your face with a damp warm cloth can help scrub away excess dirt and oil.

Method 2
Cleaning the Rest of Your Body

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    Take a shower. A shower is already a part of many morning routines, and for good reason. It ensures you're relatively clean and refreshed before getting on with your day. Although your hair is arguably the top priority, you shouldn't forget the rest of your body while you're at it. It should take you a few minutes at least to get all the areas of your body. Scrub your body thoroughly with a bar of soap.
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    Shave excess body hair. Many women aim to look fresher by removing body hair. Some men choose to limit body hair as well, particularly on the back, the armpits and the pubic area. Shaving body hair should be done at the end of your shower, when the hair follicles will open up more easily.[7] Waxing is a more effective way of getting rid of hair, but some consider it too painful to do on a regular basis.
    • Alternatively, you can purchase an epilator. An epilator is a machine that removes individual hairs one by one. They are less painful than a waxing strip, but unfortunately take much longer to get rid of all the hair.
    • Laser hair removal surgeries are available. They are far more expensive than the moderate solutions, but you won't have to deal with having to shave excess hair again.
    • Treat razor burn as quickly as you can. Close shaving can cause ingrown hairs and scarring if it's not taken care of. To fix this, scrub the area with a body exfoliator and apply a warm compress to the affected patch of skin.[8]
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    Wear deodorant.[9] Deodorant may have little to do with one's appearance, but anyone who smells a bad musk coming off you will have a hard time thinking of you as hygienic in the first place. Deodorant is relatively expensive and easy to apply once you're out of a shower and your morning routine is all but complete. If you're prone to bad sweating, buying an antiperspirant will keep blotches of sweat from appearing in the armpits of your shirt.
    • A mild perfume or cologne can be a nice touch if you think the situation you're preparing for warrants it.
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    Drink lots of water. Water has a rejuvenating effect on virtually every part of your body. Keep a refillable bottle of water around you wherever you go, and drink from it when you're thirsty. Sufficient water will keep your muscles limber and your skin looking vibrant.[10] It's a good idea to drink before you get thirsty; that way, your body will never feel the need for it.
    • The amount of water you drink a day should depend entirely on your environment and activities. Physically strenuous work will demand a greater water intake than being sedentary.
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    Avoid processed foods. Many issues (including skin conditions like acne) are partially the result of a poor diet depending on processed foods.[11] Although you can technically get by on a processed diet and still look clean, your skin may get unnecessarily blotchy and you'll lack the vibrance you might otherwise have in many areas. Cleanliness shouldn't be the deciding factor in watching what you eat but it is something to consider as part of the bigger picture.
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    Wash your hands with soap. Keeping your hands clean is an important way to avoid getting sick, especially in public areas. Wash your hands thoroughly, and with an antibacterial soap. Being clean is an important part of looking clean.[12]
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    Trim and clean your nails. Nail trimming is a normal part of regular hygiene. Although they don't need to be taken care of every day, giving your hand and fingernails a trim at least once a week is a good way to keep your body looking well-maintained.[13] Avoid biting your nails off. It's a bad habit and makes your hands look unkempt.

Method 3
Dressing Yourself Neatly

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    Launder your clothes regularly. It should come as no surprise that looking clean includes making sure your clothes are clean too. Clothing builds up an excess of body sweat the longer it's worn without cleaning, and stains can occur for a number of reasons. How often you clean clothes depends on the article in question as well as your lifestyle. The same pair of pants may be worn for a few days before it needs cleaning, while underwear and shirts are generally ready for the laundry after one use.[14]
    • Give your clothes an inspection to judge for yourself how often you should be laundering them. If you have a physically strenuous job, your sweat will build up faster than someone who is never physically exerted.
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    Polish your shoes. Polishing shoes wipes off the natural build-up of grime and replaces it with a healthy sheen. Take shoe polish and apply it to the shoe in a circular motion. Although the effect unfortunately doesn't last long before it needs to be done again, it's a great effect and will make you look nice and clean from head to toe.[15]
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    Iron your clothes. A clothes iron removes creases in your clothes through the application of heat. You'll need to invest in an iron and ironing board, but the effect it will have on your clothes will be worth it if you want to look as clean and well-kept as possible.[16]
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    Bring an umbrella if it's wet outside. Rain is an unavoidable part of living in many parts of the world, and it can mess up your hair and outfit if you're outside for long enough. A simple solution to this to bring an umbrella along with you when you need it. It may not keep every drop of rain off of you, but it'll deflect enough of it to keep it from affecting your appearance.
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    Make sure your clothing fits. Clothing can be as classy and well-laundered as can be, but it still won't look good if you haven't been wearing clothes that fit your form. Really baggy clothes look somewhat dirty by default. On the other hand, clothes that are far too tight look constricting and uncomfortable. Depending on your body type, you should pick clothes that give an accurate shape of your body. Don't hide yourself in your clothing.
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    Keep your outfit simple. If cleanliness is a priority to you with regards to your appearance, you should take lengths to simplify your outfit. Needless accessorizing, patches, pins and jewelry serve to clutter up your appearance. Even if you're as hygienic as can be, some people may see this busy appearance as less appealing than a streamlined look.


  • All of these parts of cleaning oneself can be hard to remember. It's useful to write a quick checklist of things you need to clean each day. Before too long, you'll be able to remember the routine without having to rely on the sheet of paper.
  • Emphasize cleaning the areas you have noticed tend to get the dirtiest in your day-to-day life. You should also focus on the parts of you other people will tend to see the most, namely the face and arms.
  • Don't forget to put extra care and attention into cleaning your genital regions.


  • Make sure you aren't allergic to any products you buy before you use them.

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