How to Long Snap a Football

Two Parts:Getting Into PositionSnapping the Ball

The long snap is a crucial skill for serious football players. Executing a perfect long snap takes practice and excellent technique.[1] You can learn how to execute a long snap or improve your long snap in just a few minutes.

Part 1
Getting Into Position

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    Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Your feet should be no more than shoulder width apart to ensure an even distribution of your weight. Check your feet and adjust as needed.[2][3]
    • It might be helpful to have a friend check your position and offer adjustment advice. For example, if your friend notices that your feet are wider than your shoulders, he may suggest that you bring them in closer.
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    Squat down. Bend your knees until you are squatting down. Try to imagine that you are sitting on an invisible chair or toilet.[4] You should be squatting down low enough so that your thighs are parallel with the ground.[5]
    • Make sure that you keep your weight evenly distributed on your feet. Do not place too much weight on your toes or heels or you may lose your balance.
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    Bend forward. You should bend over until your stomach touches your thighs and your back is parallel with the ground. This will give you the best advantage when snapping the ball. At this point, your body will look similar to a letter “Z.”[6][7]
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    Reach your hands out in front of you. To complete the long snap position, reach your hands forward as far as they will go and touch the ground in front of you. This is where you will need the football to be when you are ready to snap it.[8]
    • It is important to extend your arms out as far as they will reach to ensure that you can snap the ball the longest distance possible.

Part 2
Snapping the Ball

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    Grab the football. When you are in position and ready to snap, grasp the ball with both hands. The points of the ball should be facing towards and away from you. The ball should be centered between your feet, but out in front of you near where you have placed your hands on the ground.[9]
    • Place the fingers of your dominant hand over the laces on the football. Then place the fingers on your other hand over the opposite side. Your thumbs should create “V” shapes with your forefingers.
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    Look behind you. Tip your head forward and check between your legs to see where you need to snap the ball. Remember that you will be looking at your partner upside down. Your partner should already be in position behind you if you are practicing with someone.[10]
    • If you are practicing alone, then you may want to designate a spot to snap the ball. For example, you can use a pair of cones or some other noticeable object as your target.
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    Pull the football between your calves. When you are ready to snap the ball, pull it towards you as hard as you can. Try to imagine that you have just let go of the rubber band on a slingshot. This is the effect that you want to create to snap the football.[11]
    • Press your non-dominant palm into the side of the ball to increase the pressure on the ball before you snap. This will also improve the chances of a tight spiral.[12]
    • As you snap the ball, you should allow your arms to make contact with your calves. Do not try to slow your movement to avoid hitting your calves or you will not be able to snap the ball as far.
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    Release the ball and get up. As your arms make contact with your calves, release the ball in the direction of your target. If you are playing a game, then get up into a standing position right after you snap the ball so that you can defend your area.[13]


  • Practice your long snap every day to improve your technique. When you practice, make sure that you are using good form.

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