How to Locate the Name of an Unidentified Pill by Using the Pill ID Wizard

Have you just found a pill lying on the floor, but don't know the name of the pill? Is the pill bottle you took it from not nearby? You'll learn how to identify this pill after reading and following the directions in this article.'s Pill ID Wizard will get you the name of this pill quickly and fairly painlessly, with only a few mouse clicks.


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    Visit the Pill ID Wizard in your web browser.
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    Read the statement page that is given to you. The statement page pretty much tells you that this is not a replacement for any knowledge given by a doctor, and that the page is not perfect in any respect.
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    Click the "I Agree" button. You'll be directed to This page is the wizard page.
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    Look at the pill. Look for any numbers, or letters that may be on the pill. You'll probably need a magnifying glass to see these numbers. You'll need to look carefully to determine whether a character is one letter or another. Common misconceptions include the letter "I" for the number 1, along with many other issues.
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    Type the characters you find on the one side into the "Imprint" box followed by a space and if present, the characters on the opposite side of the pill.
    • If there is a bar in between two numbers insert a space into the box instead of the bar symbol.
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    Click the "Color" drop-down box and select the color of the pill by clicking the option that best matches it.
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    Click the "Shape" drop-down box and select the shape by clicking the item's description. Click right on the picture of the shape of the pill. Make sure the shape is highlighted in blue, otherwise you'll be selecting the wrong item.
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    Click the "Search" button and wait for the website to find your pill name. It will also pull other information along with it, such as the pill's side effects, drug details, along with a picture of the pill itself (seen from several angles).


  • You can also search by the drug's name (if you already know it), along with the NDC (National Drug Code) code (if you know it), but that won't help you if there is no identification already.
  • The iPhone also has a purchasable app that's cheap (if you "purchased" the app when it was free, you'll not see a price increase, if you try to reinstall the app from the phone). This app can be obtained from the App Store by typing "pill identifier by".

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • computer mouse and keyboard
  • Pill to identify
  • website (no account is needed)

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