How to Live With Epilepsy

Epilepsy has a hold on millions of lives today, Lets make you one less? I live with epilepsy and although it isn't very fun, I choose to live the life I was given as normal as possible. Do you struggle day to day tasks with fear on your mind? I did most if not all the time, until now. I hated that feeling of defeat that over whelmed me constantly. I just wanted to be normal, like everyone else. What is normal though? Who has the right to judge anyone on account if they are to normality standards or not? The only person that is capable of such a task is you! Only you, yourself can effectively judge and criticize who you are. You are your own worst critic and sometimes enemy. It doesn't have to be that way anymore. You don't have to live in fear anymore, You can live a happy "normal" life that we all seem to think everyone else lives. Try these few steps and see if living this way helps you. Start living life for you, stop worrying about the rest of the world. Make you, your number one priority today.


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    When feeling as if a seizure may be approaching start your calming down session. Step One deep breathing.
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    Draw your mind blank. Whatever it may be that is freaking you out is causing too much stress. Simply let it go, remember you don't have to win every battle either.
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    Make sure your body is completely relaxed during your breathing exercise. One way to know is if your shoulders have completely dropped in relaxation.
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    Try playing soft music. This can help De-stress your mood during your relaxation, meditation.
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    Take vitamins daily and regularly! Especially omega 3's, vitamin E and vitamin B6 & B12.
    • A healthy diet high in (good fats) low in sugar and (caffeine free) helps a lot.
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    Keep a journal, log, diary etc. Helps ease emotional disruption and makes it easier to cope with what you're going through.
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    Connect with other people going through the same ordeal. An emotional support group if you will.
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    Exercise regularly.
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    Most importantly, stay hydrated! Drinking alcohol could increase your chances of having a seizure. Water is key.
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    Please make sure that if you're sensing a strong attack approaching to lay down preferably on your side and try to contact someone as soon as possible near by.


  • Try investing in a small water fountain with changing hues for optimal comfort and relaxation.
  • If this interests you try looking into your chakras or connecting to the spiritual realm.


  • Never just up and quit your medications. Always consult your doctor first if you want to try new methods to learning to live with epilepsy. Although the listings above you could surly do while continuing your medications.

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