How to Live with a Step Parent

In some cases, having a Stepparent can be a challenge because of the new dynamic that they bring to a household. Whether you have been living with a Stepparent for a while or it's all new to you, here is a guide on how to live civilly with a Stepparent in a household.


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    Make an effort to get along with them. It's a common thing that personalities clash. In this case, there is an individual taking the position in the household as the substitute 'Father' or 'Mother' of the household. They may not be your biological parent but they still have the same role and responsibility. To make the dynamics of the household livable and comfortable, try to get along with your Stepparent as best as possible by making an effort to be civil and cooperative.
    • This will also make your biological mother or father whom also lives with you pleased because you are making a considerable effort in contributing to the dynamics of the home.
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    Try to talk to your Stepparent. Don't refuse to chat if they're in the room or go places with them upon their request. You could try asking your Stepparent if they want to do some sort of recreational activity to bond. This will smooth out the rough edges that result in awkwardness.
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    Don't slander. Avoid complaining about your Stepparent to your biological parent or any other member of the family. This could cause some confrontation between the two and also issues with you and your Stepparent. If you have an issue with your Stepparent, you should try going to them about it openly. That will prove that you are mature and in a way, worthy of their respect.
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    Keep your attitude at bay. If you have acquired an attitude or feel one brewing that portrays some sort of repelling to their presence, Try to address the issue by writing down things that cause you to have such a sentiment toward them.
    • Another way to keep your attitude at bay, is by keeping in contact (if possible) with your other biological parent that has now been replaced with your Stepparent. If you have a mutual relationship with them, spending time with them releases the sourness you might impose on your Stepparent.
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    Remember to let out your pain. It's completely rational to feel frustrated about having a Stepparent, because ultimately you hoped your biological mother or father would stay in their parental position and now that they aren't there, the dynamics have changed. Just make sure you speak about your feelings to friends, take deep breaths every now and then and think about how happy your parent is to be remarried.
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    Try your best. If your Stepparent really has some issues with their personality and you really can't get along with them as best as you hoped, just remember that one day you will move out from their headship, just try your best for the time being.


  • If confrontation surfaces, its probably best that you separate yourself to formulate sound judgement about the issue.
  • Don't lie to your Stepparent even if they silently seem inferior of the authority your biological parent has.

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