How to Live With a Pacemaker

There are many people in the world that are depending on a pacemaker to keep them alive. This is a very small and simple device but can impact a lot on people who need one. Though, there are certain safety measures you have to endure and take note of.


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    Carry a pacemaker ID. You can put one on a bracelet or necklace or you can carry it in your wallet to make sure the people around you are aware of the condition you are in. You can simply print out pacemaker IDs here:
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    Try to stay away from certain machines, such as those with magnetic fields, and machinery that uses high voltage or radar. You do not need to worry about the common home appliances though, you shouldn't put things like cellphones near the pacemaker area.
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    Talk to your doctor about exercise, but be cautious of injuries to the area that houses the pacemaker. This may affect the way your device works, so if you are hit near the area of the pacemaker, consult your doctor immediately.
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    Get regular check-ups on your pacemaker by a doctor. Ensure that the battery, lead wire and other aspects of the device are in good condition. The pacemaker’s battery generally lasts for around 7 or 8 years. Get the pacemaker replaced once in 10 years or so


  • If there is any thought that an external device is causing the pacemaker to function erratically, move away from the device and wait for your heartbeat to return to normal
  • Dispose of the battery with care once the pacemaker has reached the end of its life
  • MP3 headphones have been known to cause a certain amount of interference, so it’s best not to use them at all

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