How to Live With a Hyper Jack Russell Terrier

Living with a hyper Jack Russell Terrier can make your life feel hectic. But there are ways in which you can lessen your Jack Russell's hyperactive energy and put it towards more useful tasks.


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    Praise your Jack Russell Terrier. They spend most of their lifetime trying to please you and make you happy. If you train your Jack Russell, either from a very early age or when it's more mature, you can praise them when they do a trick well.
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    Create an agility course in your yard to train them more complex tricks, other than "sit" or "lie down". Agility courses can include hurdles such as the tunnel, the hoop, the seesaw, and just jumping hurdles. This way, you can both have fun and tire your Jack Russell out for the day. You'll also help to build a stronger pet/owner bond between each other.
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    Think of other tricks that can help you. Tricks such as fetching it's lead when it's time to go on walks, tidying up it's toys, finding the keys, shutting the door, turning on the light pull, and even fetching you the tissue box when you sneeze. These tricks help you and also teach your dog to be more disciplined and less hyper.
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    Train your Jack Russell Terrier behavioural obedience. These can be for when you're having friends and family over, and it also takes your dog's mind off being hyper. These tricks include getting off the chair, getting in their bed, and refusing tidbits. These tricks will also win your visitor's praise. They will be more inclined to return to the house with a well-behaved dog than a hyper one.
    • Train him to "kennel up". If your Jack Russel Terrier is being really annoying and hyper, consider teaching him/her to Kennel Up. Show the dog the room where he sleeps and eats. Go wherever you want and just teach him to go into that specific room. Teach him that that place is called his Kennel. If you have the same problem, just say "Hey Jack, Kennel Up!", and send him/her to his/her quiet place for a time out.
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    Tire him out. This way, he won't have any energy left to be hyper in the first place. Every Jack Russell loves walks and it's a great way for you to enjoy the scenery and get to know the areas where you live a little better.
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    Know that every Jack Russell Terrier is different. You may notice that there are certain things that make your dog more sleepy or make him more relaxed. For example, a Jack Russell loves having baths - he will sleep for a couple of hours after he comes out. However, you cannot bath him very often, so on certain days, when you notice he is much more hyper than usual and he's really stressing you out, give him a nice, long bath. For your Jack Russell, there may be other ways which help to calm him down.


  • When Jack Russell's do become hyper at certain points, they can sometimes do things which you may find leave you in hysterics. However funny this may be, it's best not to encourage this kind of behaviour, because you're only making your hyper Jack Russell Terrier worse.
  • Learning these tricks takes time and effort. Jack Russells are intelligent animals, but take time when it comes to learning new things. So don't get angry and frustrated at your Jack Russell Terrier.
  • You may find on some occasions that your Jack Russell is more hyper than usual. Sometimes, it just takes a firm 'No' and ignoring it for a while before it gets bored and quietens down.
  • You don't have to buy the agility equipment - you can make it! For the hoop, you can use a normal hula hoop. For the hurdle jumps, you can use normal planks of wood, solidly nailed into place.


  • Make sure, that if you try the agility hurdles, the jumps aren't made too high for your Jack Russell - they are pretty small dogs after all.

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