How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

Two Parts:Action and AdventureMentally

Many times in life you realize that what you really need is action and adventure, but are too scared to leave the comfort of your daily life. It may be time to escape your routine and get out there!

Part 1
Action and Adventure

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    Remember that bucket list you made last year that got tossed under your keyboard? Dig it out! There will most likely be some wild and crazy ideas on there that would spice your life right up. Don't have a bucket list? Write it! Here are some example ideas: 1) Follow a stranger for an hour and see if you can figure out their life2) Go to your local department store and ride around on the bikes till you get yelled at3) (If you are single) Ask everyone you would even consider dating for their phone number, just for a day. This might create some great relationships!
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    Find a list of dares from truth or dare online and do them all in public. No matter how embarrassing they are, who you run into, whatever, this will be a fun experience that you will remember for a long time.
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    Make a list of all of the fears you have. Now find a way to face them. ALL of them. Arachnophobic? Next time you see a house spider, deal with it yourself. Without killing it. Claustrophobic? Ask yourself what small space freaks you out the most, and you spend a half an hour there without breaks.

Part 2

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    Name something you say every single day of your life. Whether it be, "Hello," or, "Okay," or anything, really, find a synonym for it and replace that word for one day. This may seem very small or stupid, but it is very hard and, in a way, entertaining to do.
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    Act like a different person for an entire day. Make sure this isn't a day at work or school. If you choose your favorite fictional character or your role model, copy their personality and style for a day. The way people react will make it all worth it.
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    Understand that by trying so many new things, you're bound to fail at a few of them. Don't take these failures as a sign you should give up. In reality, it means you should keep trying. If you are good at something naturally, than great. If not, you can work to be the best. Just do what you enjoy and keep finding new things to do.


  • If you are having a hard time living outside your comfort zone, just remember that the more effort you put into it, the easier it will be in the future.
  • Facing your fears will seem hard and unrealistic until you're actually doing it; remember it will help you more than it can hurt you.


  • Though the goal is to learn to take risks and try new things, don't go too far. If you know that you will get hurt by doing something, make the right choice and don't do it.

  • This article says to face all fears, but know this is unrealistic. Nobody expects you to face your fear of serial killers.

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