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How to Live for Jesus

Jesus gave his life for us, so that we have life abundantly. He covered our sins, paying huge debts. Why not give our lives for the service of the Lord? Living for the Savior is more meaningful than living for ourselves. How shall we follow His footsteps, so that many are saved through us because of His intervention -- but if we are not savior for many, then at least for one person. Given are important steps to practically bring out our inner being to life.


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    Pray: It is our personal relationship with God. We may talk to God as to Dad or recite the prayer given to us by Jesus through His disciples. "Our Father in Heaven, Holy be your name. Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Do not bring us to temptations, but deliver us from all evils.' Please recite, and then follow that as a pattern of one kind of prayer.
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    Live as God called us: Every man is precious in the eyes of the Lord. God always want us to live happily and successfully. Cultivate good habits of reading Christian books, watching spiritual programs and helping each other.
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    Follow Christ's teachings: The teachings of Christ are brought to us in the Bible and by our churches. Attend Sunday services or masses to give thanks to our Lord, for saving us from all troubles and hardships.
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    Honor Our God: Praise, thank and give to our fellowman and so to God. He is all powerful, all knowing and present everywhere including His Spirit being in you. We should thank Him for what we are today. God is Love. He invites us to live at all times in His kingdom life. It is our choice to accept or reject. Kindly accept His open arms.
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    Love your neighbors: We love ourselves when (while) we love our neighbors. Everyone is a part of oneself, even though each lives in a different physical body: we are together in Christ. God's gift of Love brings happiness, success, patience, harmony, peace, integrity, honesty, friendliness and hope.
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    Stick to good and to righteousness: Do good by being good (in Christ's ways), in itself is a great thing. Failing to be righteous asks oneself to be a failure. We shall overcome all unrighteousness through Jesus who strengthens us. Our Lord has already conquered the world forever.
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    Read the Bible: Spend 5 to 10 minutes everyday to understand the life of Jesus and the Love of Jesus in our everyday living. Meditate on the word of God. Our God lives in us. We should only discover Him in us through Jesus Christ, not by wishing and just by ideas but by His perfect principles.
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    Share your gifts: Jesus gave his life for us, a gift of salvation for us. We shall share our blessings, wisdom, wealth, out of our little or much -- and so, share your faith in many areas and ways. What we give is what is multiplied unto us, pressed down and running over.
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    Encourage our fellow man: We motivate, we inspire, strengthen and encourage. Do the same, at least to one who is not family or a loved one, but someone who may live close to you, in turn God brings many, even millions, to inspire you.
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    Co-operate with others: What you say may be different to what another may think. What you speak may be different to what you hear. So we should consider and co-operate to understand each others viewpoint to live enthusiastically.


  • Jesus knocks our door in the Heart. Open the door for Him to enter and He shall work through us for our good and for the good of God's children.
    • "Whatever you do to the least of these, My Children you do to me." Jesus explained.
  • Close your eyes to pray. Seek the the presence of God. Jesus Christ is open to all.


  • Do not be condemned that you are not perfect or so good -- be persistent, trying to do your part -- getting up and going again, when you stumble over your or another's ideas, words and deeds.
  • Do not take the word of Jesus for granted -- live by and in it.
  • Do not take the name of Jesus for meeting wrong "needs" -- seek a higher calling.
  • Do not be a stumbling block by criticizing, condemning and complaining -- but:

    Make a way for fulfillment of your and their part in Christ.

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