How to Live a Happy, Healthy Life (Women)

Tons of women these days struggle with weight, beauty and tons of other things that affect our daily life.


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    Get tons of exercise! One of the problems I dealt with was weight. All you need is a fun activity that helps you burn fat. If you don't like strict workouts or videos, then maybe try finding some fun activities to do with friends and family! For example, a bike ride or hiking. Just make sure you incorporate 30-60 minutes of working out in everyday!
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    Eat healthy! This can sound hard to some, but really it's not that hard! All you have to do is portion what you eat. You can still have soda and sweets. But make sure you know how it's going to effect you! Soda is an average of 155 calories! That can really add up in the day if not watched. But with 155 calories you could make low-calorie French toast. Even more food to fill you up for a small amount of calories rather than a small 12 oz. Coca-Cola.
    • A big step in eating healthy is recognizing the food groups you should be eating daily. Fruits and veggies are great for snacking and you can literally eat as much as you want! Another step is recognizing the foods you should eat small portions of. Flour and grain products. A big no-no in eating healthy. Flour products such as pasta are packed with carbs! Which turn into body fat. Avoid these if you can. (See tips for healthy eating.)
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    Have good hygiene! It's seems very simple, but tons of people in the world will avoid good hygiene habits and don't even know it. An example of good hygiene would be; Taking showers once a day, brushing and flossing teeth 2-3 times a day, wearing fresh clothes, having proper clean nails, and the list goes on. So, the next time you're in the bathroom look around and see what you know is important to do! If your instinct tells you should be brushing your teeth or taking a shower than it's better to do it, than to fall into bad habits.
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    Wear clothes you feel comfortable in! Might seem silly but sometimes we all want to fit in with others or celebrities. But ask yourself "Do I look good in these clothes?" If you're hesitant and say no then take it off and switch it with something you do like. It's OK to take style tips from people but if it's uncomfortable than don't bother.
    • Another tip mentioned in step # 3 is having clean clothes. Don't pick up those jeans you wore 5 days in a row and say they're still clean. They're probably not and it's better you throw them in the wash than feel grimy. Last but not least, the most important rule; WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT. Don't say you want to be an XS and then buy it! There's nothing less flattering than seeing someone with something too big or too small. Just buy something that fits you correctly. Whether you're a XXL or XS.
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    Be beautiful and tell yourself you're beautiful! Everybody would love to be beautiful like girls in magazines. And you can! To your extent. Ask yourself a question "What makes me feel beautiful?" The answer could be so many possibilities. From wearing my hair up or down, to having make-up or no make-up. Do what makes you feel best, not what others look best in. Wearing no-makeup or having your hair up doesn't mean your sloppy or lazy. It means you're you. Just learn to be comfortable with yourself. Last thing; tell yourself your beautiful. Say it out loud by yourself or in your head at work/school. Even if it seems silly just do it. It will raise your confident a ton!


  • If anybody else criticizes you for taking a step in being healthy than brush it off and repeat confident phrases in your head.
  • If you're feeling tempted by sweets then eat a fruit or a healthy granola bar.
  • Being big and beautiful is OK! You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful.
  • Confidence is another great key!


  • See a doctor before starting activities if a diabetic, have heart problems or any serious health risks.

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