How to Litterbox Train Your Rat

This may seem strange, but it is possible to litterbox train a rat. This method might work on several other rodents, but no guarantees.


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    Find the corner that your rats usually defecates. This is where you should put the litterbox. In some cases, your rats may not have a preferred toilet corner. Simply putting the litterbox in any corner will do, but try to keep it nearby an area your rats like to rest for easier access.
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    Put some of the old feces into the mini-litterbox. This way, your rats will smell that this corner of their cage is a "toilet zone."
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    Wait a few days. If your rats change bathroom corners, then move the litterbox to where they are currently going.
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    Once your rats start using their litterbox, you can move it a few inches each day until it is where you wanted the litterbox in the first place.


  • Your rats might use a litterbox more often if it's big enough for her to turn around in, but not much bigger.
  • Be sure to clean out the litterbox regularly.
  • Some rats just aren't litterbox trainable and prefer to have the freedom of "going" wherever they want to. Simply accept this, and continue loving your rat.
  • Try putting some different bedding in the litterbox than the kind you use in the rest of her cage.
  • Rats probably won't use their litterbox for urinating. This is mostly true with males, who are determined to leave their scent all throughout their cage.
  • If your rats' cage is very big, you might want to give them a few more litterboxes. This way they'll have a few more accidents.
  • If you find one of your rats going inside the litterbox, instantly reward him/her with a treat.
  • Make sure you clean the litterbox often.


  • This will require lots of patience on your part. If you ever feel frustrated at this process, move away from your rats, take a deep breath, and try again. Some rats will learn to use a litterbox almost instantly, some will take quite a while, while others will never learn at all.
  • Don't use pine or cedar in or out of your rats' litterbox as that can cause diarrhea or other health issues.
  • Never force your rat to do anything! Some rats will go where they want to go. The best you can do is accept that.

Things You'll Need

  • Rat
  • Small box
  • Two types of bedding
  • A cage
  • Food and water for your rat

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