How to Listen to Free Christmas Music Online

From pop to rock to jazz to classical, there is a huge collection of Christmas songs in the world. It can get expensive to maintain a varied collection. If you want some variety in your library, here are some ways to legally listen to Christmas music online for free!


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    Listen to your local radio online. If it's close to Christmas time, go to the website of a radio station in your area that plays Christmas music. Most stations will let you listen online for free. To do so, go to the home page of the station. Look for a button that says "Listen," "Listen Live," "Live Streaming," or something similar. Once you click that button, you should be able to start listening!
    • With those stations on the radio that are linked to Clear Channel, they broadcast their stations online at iHeartRadio.
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    Listen to an online radio. If it's not Christmas season, try creating your own station. Online radio sites such as and Pandora allow you to create your own stations based on artist, album, or genre. Enter the name of your favorite Christmas song or simply "Christmas music" and enjoy!
    • Check out sites where people create their own music and share it freely, such as Jamendo. Search around for Christmas themed music that is original and interesting to listen to.
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    Try a site dedicated to listening to Christmas music. These can be found by searching for a term such as "listen to Christmas music online". Some of these sites will let you build a playlist that you can continue returning to. Some good options to try include:
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    Use YouTube or other similar video sites. If you just want to listen to one or two songs, searching for them on a video site might be all you need. If it's a popular song, chances are you'll be able to find on it at an online video site.
    • If you want to listen to more than a couple songs, try making a YouTube playlist!
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    Use your own Christmas selection. If you have CDs or digital versions of Christmas songs that you've amassed through the years, make a playlist using a program such as iTunes or simply slip a CD into your computer. While it's not "online" as such, it's still something you can listen to from your computer as you work or play.


  • Note that you might be limited by where you're listening from––some stations may not play in your region due to issues of copyright or similar restrictive laws.


  • If you're keen to share your own Christmas playlist with others, make sure it's based on already authorized uploaded music. Don't upload music to which you don't own the copyright. The music monopolists may request that it be taken down and your account (wherever it is) could be compromised for breach of copyright; in some cases you may be sued for financial recompense. You don't want that for Christmas.

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