How to Light a Dark Kitchen

Dark kitchens can be a pain, and you don't want to spend a TON of money fixing your kitchen. These are some simple ways to brighten your kitchen.


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    Use all the windows you have access to. Avoid putting furniture in front of them and keep heavy hanging to a minimum. Keep them spotlessly clean as a film of dirt will block out the light.
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    Choose furniture, especially kitchen cupboards, in paler colours. If you have dark cabinets you do not have to replace them. Consider sanding them, painting them and adding new handles which will transform the room.
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    If you keep the room on the cool side, the room seems more open and open rooms can seem a bit brighter, but this is my personal opinion.
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    Paint your walls with lighter colors, brighter colors will make the light your kitchen already has bounce off the walls.
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    Keep the room as clutter free as possible. Only keep essential appliances on the counter and invest in closed storage if you are running out of space. This will streamline the kitchen and make it brighter, fresher and much more appealing.
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    Keep your colour scheme straightforward. Several colours and patterns will clash and overwhelm the kitchen. Make a dark kitchen more attractive by presenting it well.
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    Choose your lighting with care. Consider using a stronger light bulb, investing in cheap spotlights or adding a skylight. Glass doors or stable doors may also work well if the kitchen faces onto the garden or into a brighter room.


  • If you are hesitant to begin painting yourself, consider asking a local teenager to do it in their spare time or over the holidays. There are many responsible teenagers eager to get work experience or make a little pocket money and many will have experience of painting. Don't just ask the first guy you meet on the street however - ask your friends, trusted neighbours or in the local youth group for suggestions if you don't know any suitable teenagers and ask for references from the teenager's teachers, parents or previous employers. Always watch them to make sure they are capable before you leave them to it. Be careful to pick a responsible, reliable and experienced teenager and you will have a great help!

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