How to Let Others Be Happy

It is hard for some to let others just be happy! Whether it's being themselves or expressing their happiness. Some people like to bring others down. Are you that thunder stealer? Well here you can learn on how to let others "Just Be Happy".


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    If someone is expressing a happy emotion or a happy moment with you and you tend to stamp all over their feelings...Are you letting them be Happy? Ask yourself why are you bringing them down?
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    Even if their happiness seems and feels like boasting or bragging to you, usually it's not. They just want to share their happiness with you. You should feel honored that they are choosing you to be happy with! Embrace their positive emotion.
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    If you show your negative feedback with jealousy and negativity then their feelings get disconnected from you and they won't be able to be around you without feeling like they're walking on eggshells. This is hard for people to do. It's most likely your jealous and insecure and not happy for yourself.
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    What makes you happy? Are you the type who tells everyone about how great things are for you and expect everyone to feel the same,yet when others share their positive feelings you tend to feel bored or uninterested? Yes? Well you need to share the spotlight! The world does not revolve around just you!
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    In a relationship you may suck the happiness from your partner because you want to be their center of happiness, this just can't be because they have the right to enjoy other things that give them joy and pleasure other then just you. You need to let them feel happiness in other things besides you! Bite your tongue and keep those pesky jealous emotions of unhappiness inside and SMILE :) they will love you more for it.
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    I hear people say why can't you just be happy for me? Well why can't you? Even if you don't want to be happy for them damn it! Try to be. If someone was to win the lottery you can't get all depressed and say why can't I win too. No, you get excited for them and join in their excitement!
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    If this extremely hard for you to do and feel like: "I can't do it", you need to sit and explain to YOURSELF why you can't "Just let other be happy" You might find out there's something deeper. A Happy mind is a healthy mind.


  • Someone is being happy try to smile and look excited for them.
  • If their being happy and proud you be the first to say "I'm happy for you"
  • Try not to bring down others with you negative thoughts and jealousy and soon you'll feel actually happy for them.


  • If you feel like there's something deeper please seek professional help to talk out your issues.

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