How to Let Go of Your Dreams

Being strong sometimes means being able to let go. ~ Author Unknown

Sometimes our dreams become bandits that hold us to ransom long after their utility has faded and they are revealed for being hollow ideals. It can be hard to let go of dreams that didn't work out but it can be for the best when they are holding you back from being a fully rounded person achieving your total potential. Here are some ideas to help you work on letting go of them.


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    Be aware of the fact that your dreams have ceased to be fulfilling for you. Society, rafts of self-help books, great orators, colleagues, fellow students, parents, teachers, everyone it seems, is always telling us to "pursue our dreams". Nobody ever really stops, though, to explain that we should hold realistic dreams and that sometimes our dreams are not in sync with our abilities, needs, and interests as time moves on. Facing the fact that dreams have become stale is hard but can be very rewarding because it is the first step in allowing you to let go and to create new goals.
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    See if there is anything about your dreams that has already been achieved. Sometimes if we behave in a 'perfectionist' way, we keep seeking more and more, even if some of our goals have already been realized. In this case, we think the grass is greener elsewhere and we keep on looking for what is more rather than what is better. Rejoice in that which you have already achieved and work from the successes you have already had.
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    Hold a 'letting go' ceremony. Dreams that have become stale need a momentous farewell; once they guided you, so even though now they drag you down, they do deserve a fitting send-off. Do something that marks the finality of these dreams and creates closure for you. Good ideas include a burial of dreams written on paper or burning the pieces of paper, dropping pieces of written dreams into the ocean, shouting them to the wind on a windy day, even involving trusted loved ones to attend your letting go ceremony, as witnesses to you moving on.
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    Have the courage to say goodbye with a pat on your back. Be kind to yourself for letting go and do nice things that you enjoy. This is a hard time of growth in your life but you should be proud of yourself for facing it.
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    Create new dreams. You are now at liberty to replace your old dreams with healthy new ones that will guide you into the future from here onwards. Hang in there; you're going to do just fine.
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    Reinvent the dream. Maybe you have placed limitations or expectations on how your dream is supposed to look. Maybe you don't need to completely let it go, but instead can open and allow a different version to materialize. One that will suit your circumstances better and may even fulfill more than you would have originally imagined.


  • Take notice of how dreams are sold to us as be-all-and-end-all packages. As with anything in life, if our circumstances and needs change, we need to grow and change and often dreams of youth just don't hold true when we get older.


  • Beware advertising that tries to sell you that dream house, dream boat, dream car. It's merely a turn of phrase and there is nothing dreamy about mortgaging yourself up to the eyeballs or working extra long hours to pay off those dream objects.

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