How to Leave a Sleepover Early

Have you ever gone to a sleepover and started missing your parents, pets, or siblings or just wanted to go home but you did not know how to tell your host/hostess?


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    Say you have to go to the bathroom and excuse yourself from the group.
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    Grab the nearest cordless phone, or if you have one, a cell phone.
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    Go to the bathroom and lock the door.
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    Call your parents or whoever will be able to come and get you. Ask them to call the house you are sleeping over at and say "Something came up and I have to get you now, maybe you can have a sleepover some other time".
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    Act very sad when your ride comes, even though you might be glad to go home.
    • A quicker more affective way is to go to the host/hostess's parents and tell them you feel very sick. more often than not they will suggest calling home.
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  • If you really can't get a phone without someone seeing you, then just say you have to call your parents and say goodnight or you just have to ask them something.
  • For step 2, a cell phone works best in case your host/hostess does not have a cordless phone for you to bring into the bathroom when you make your call.
  • If you have text messaging, you don't have to call anyone. You could just text them.
  • Make sure to thank your parents or whoever is picking you up because no one wants to rush out at night in their pajamas to pick you up.
  • A nice thing to do would be to have your host/hostess sleepover at your house sometime.


  • Make sure no one hears you on the phone.
  • Don't do this too often.
  • Be careful that you do not hurt your guests feelings because they may take it personally and may think it's something they did.

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