How to Learn Wiki Markup

You want to learn a new 'computer language'. But why take up something so difficult...when you have this markup article to help you?


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    Decide that you want to edit or create a wiki. Why else would you want to learn wiki markup?
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    Find a wiki, or wiki model, that interests you.
    • This can be an established wiki site such as:
    • You can also create your own wiki for whatever you choose: work, pleasure, whatever.
    • Note that there are a lot more sites where you can start your own wiki. Success will be determined, in large part, by the subject matter and by the design decisions of you and the others who become involved in the start up.
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    Know that there are differences between versions such as Ubuntu and Wikibooks. One site's wiki-markup[1] is not (necessarily) another site's markup.[2]
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    Find out which type you need to learn. Your chosen wiki will have an established markup that they use. While pages could be created and rendered differently than wiki-markup, such a choice, more than likely, will confuse potential editors and the browsers displaying the coding.
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    Locate pages that display example markup. An excellent example of markup that is used by most wikis is Wikipedia markup.
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    Learn the 'style' that your wiki wants. Follow the guide to learn how to reference things and layout (format) the wiki pages for the free wiki software which was originally written to use on and is used on many hundreds of other sites. Most places want some type of internal uniformity and also a degree of interchange with and portability to other wikis, which Mediawiki provides.

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