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Thai is one exotic language that is laced with depth and melody. There is a soothing ring listening to Thai that makes one crave to speak the language in just that perfect tone. Thailand is a nation that draws to its shores a plethora of visitors every year. Being a hub for both travel and business, foreigners constantly make themselves comfortable in Thailand. The Thais are exceptionally hospitable and the ambiance is inviting, but you cannot feel completely at home here until you master the mystical Thai language. Although the idea of learning Thai may seem daunting; a little hard work and some practice and you will be fluent in Thai in not time.


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    Know your learning style. When it comes to learning Thai, this is the single most important thing that you need to understand. Figuring out what works best for you is the key to mastering Thai in the shortest duration. Thai is a complex language; from the alphabets to the pronunciation, it is a whole new world in every sense. Understand how you have incorporated new languages in the past. Are you a visual, auditive or kinesthetic learner? Do you prefer learning as you go or are you the kind who is more comfortable mastering details of the language from the comfort of your home before using it with native speakers? Establish your preferences before you delve in to learning the language.
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    Get a hold of the right material. If you are interested in learning Thai, there is a plethora of material on the market today. Teach Yourself Thai, Thai for Beginners and Speak Thai Vol.1 are some of the books available to help understand the basics of reading and speaking Thai. Make sentence flash cards from whatever you learn from the books and put these flashcards into the most popular language software known as Anki. Anki helps you learn Thai by keeping you on track with the process of learning on a daily basis. If you are one of those language buffs who happened to get inspired by the sound of the Thai language during your vacation, inquire details from your very own hotel and the Thais -as friendly as they are- are more than happy to help. Anantara Sikao Thailand Resort & Spa is one Trang Resort that will even link you up with a private tutor if required. A private tutor is particularly useful if you are having trouble connecting with the basics. Since they go at your own pace, they will complement whatever solo efforts you are taking in learning the language.
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    Study the language daily. Review, revise and repeat thoroughly and make sure you do not forget what you have learnt. Language is a skill mastered only by repetition. Make it a point to spend a little time every day revising what you have learnt. Go one step further in every new lesson; if you have learnt new words, incorporate them into sentences and if you are catching on sentences, make small paragraphs. Learn something new every day but don't forget to revise the old.
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    Test your skills in the open. Even though you still feel you have a long way to go to master Thai, occasionally come out of the cocoon and put to practice what you have learnt. This will help you assess what you have picked from weeks of learning books and sitting through tutorial sessions. The more you listen to locals confidently and carry on Thai conversations, the better you can build on the basics. Do not shy from using the language in simple situations. Always keep a dictionary at hand in case you get confused. At this point, keep it simple and do not be disheartened if you seem like you are struggling a bit.
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    Watch Thai entertainment. There is no better way to learn a language than entertaining yourself with it. Watch Thai movies and TV serials. Your urge to understand the story will subconsciously teach you the language. Listen to Thai songs and read Thai newspapers, books and magazines. This way, you master not only the art of reading and listening, but you also learn the art of pronunciation something that requires substantial practice especially with a language like Thai. It takes time and patience but soon you will be enjoying everything Thai.
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    Practice. Once you have learnt Thai substantially well, speak the language. Make a Thai friend and talk Thai. Keep an ear open for the use of phrases and idioms because this is something you can catch on only during conversations. Talk and talk some more; the more you talk and listen to native responses, the faster you master the language.

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