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The Tamil language is one of the oldest language in the world. It has numerous literary works than any other language. So, Tamil has been rewarded as "classical language" by the Indian government. There are 247 alphabets in this language. The Tamil divided into vowels (12), consonants (18) and compound (216) letters. Aayudha ezhuthu () which is a single letter.


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    Practice. You may find that some other people speak the language perfectly, but nothing ever comes easy. Practice whenever you can! On your way to work, at school, when you're on wikiHow...
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    Divide the words into parts. For example, if you want to say 'hello', the word is வணக்கம், or vanakkam. To get the pronunciation correctly, try saying the word like this: vann-ak-kum
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    Pronounce hard: Basically in Tamil letters are pronounced hard.
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    Twist your tongue: In order learn Tamil letters and words you must be able twist the tongue according to the sound of some hard letter like ழ-zha,ங-inga and ஞ-gna.
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    Keep in mind that there are no exactly sounding letters in English for Tamil. For example, the sound of 'ழ' is not found in any language.
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    Know similar sounding words: Some letters in Tamil have similar sounds but one soft and the other is hard. For example,letters ர்-ற் has the sound 'ir' but the ‘ர்’ is pronounced soft while the letter 'ற்’ is pronounced hard.
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    Try learning from a Tamil teacher: It is better practice to learn difficult letters. But you can also learn from Tamil learning CDs and DVDs too.
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    Don't give up. It would be difficult to master the language, but that doesn't mean you should give up! Progress slowly. Practice for a certain amount of time each day (i.e., 15 minutes), increasing the amount of time each day.


  • Its easy for you to learn 216 letters when you have learned the basic 30 letters.
  • The most common way to learn the Tamil language easily is by learning the vowels first, then the consonants.
  • You need to practice more to pronounce letters correctly.
  • You can also get help through online.
  • Keep in mind that 1 vowel + 1 consonant = 1 compound letter, so there are basically 216 combinations.
  • Remember to never give up and practice, practice, practice.

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