How to Learn Spanish Fast

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Learning a foreign language requires dedication. Try to use the Spanish you learn daily in conversation and writing to become proficient. These tips will help you learn Spanish quickly.

Cheat Sheet

Sample Common Spanish Phrases

Part 1
Tailor your Education

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    Decide how you learn best.
    • If you are a visual learner, you should not choose verbal classes, like those found on podcasts. Focus on flash cards, movies with subtitles and classes that employ visual aids.
    • If you are an auditory learner, listen to music, download podcasts and listen to audio books. Use the free audiovisual aids available on the Internet to enhance your education.
    • If you are a kinesthetic learner, then you will need to have interaction in your learning methods. Take a class where you talk with students and teachers, order a software program where you play games or simply interact with Spanish speakers as much as possible. Although the latter is a good idea for anyone learning Spanish, it will be especially important for you.
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    Take advantage of your commute. Another way to tailor your lessons is to use any time in the car or on public transportation as Spanish learning time. Download podcasts, books on tape or Spanish language lessons.

Part 2
Invest in Classes

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    Determine your budget for classes or software. The more methods that you employ that match your learning style the faster you are likely to learn.
    • If you are willing to pay at least a few hundred dollars, sign up for Spanish speaking and immersion classes through the local community college. Choose an accelerated course, if possible. You can also order the Rosetta Stone language courses and do them every night on the computer.
    • If you have less than $100 to spend, take some courses with the lifelong learning center. Most cities and towns have an organization that offers classes for $50 or less. You can also find less expensive Spanish software programs on the Internet or on
    • If you want to learn Spanish quickly without paying any money, you will need to be resourceful. However, it is possible. Sign up for Spanish classes at your local public library. Occasionally there will be a small materials fee. You can also download free podcasts, sign up for email newsletters and use YouTube videos.

Part 3
Spanish Learning Tools

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    Buy a Spanish language dictionary and phrasebook. This will be reference for software, coursework and podcast programs.
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    Make flashcards. This is an extremely useful to start developing your vocabulary. Go through your flashcards every day, and add new cards as you learn.
    • Download free Spanish vocabulary flashcards at websites like
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    Do a Spanish lesson every day. Learning Spanish requires you to dedicate time to it. The more time you spend, the more quickly you will learn.
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    Change your applications and appliances to Spanish language settings. You can learn a large amount of technical and every day language from this simple trick.
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    Watch Spanish movies. If you are watching English movies, turn on Spanish subtitles.
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    Read Spanish books. Start with children's books and work up to higher reading levels. Try reading your favorite books in Spanish. Try to talk with others in Spanish only.
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    Listen to Spanish music and podcasts.
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    Memorize poems or songs. Download current Spanish hits to your iPod and listen to them at the gym or on your commute.

Part 4
Spanish Conversation

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    Research local Spanish conversation groups. Overcome your fears and start speaking Spanish to others as soon as possible. This is the quickest way to learn Spanish.
    • If you do not know of a Spanish conversation group, go to and search for 1 in your area.
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    Find a language partner. Find a Spanish speaker who would like to improve their English. Trade sessions of Spanish and English conversation for mutual benefit.
    • If you cannot find someone in your area, find someone who will converse for free on Skype. Go to to find a partner.
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    Book a trip to a Spanish speaking country. Nothing motivates better than the anticipation of being in a place where you will be forced to speak. Try to only speak Spanish when you visit.

Things You'll Need

  • Spanish dictionary
  • Spanish podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • Community college classes
  • Lifelong learning classes
  • Rosetta Stone software
  • Spanish conversation group
  • Native Spanish speaker
  • Spanish vocabulary flashcards
  • Spanish music
  • Spanish movies/subtitles
  • Spanish trip
  • Application language settings

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