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Just a sample of how to actually learn in school. To follow this guide, you must actually try to learn.


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    If you need help, don't be afraid to ask the teacher for help say that you need more help in the subject and she/he will give you it! (that's what they are there for) So if you do this you will be happy.
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    If you don't understand what your teacher is saying, ask him/her questions about what you don't understand.
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    If you still don't understand, stay after class and ask the teacher to thoroughly explain.
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    Stay after school if the above doesn't help.
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    Ask your parents, if no one else can explain to you.
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    Don't be afraid to ask questions. There are probably at least 3 other people that want the answer to that question you ask, but are too scared to ask
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    Your counselor is your best friend. If the course is too advanced for you, switch out. Don't get low grades in the most advanced class.
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    If school moves too slowly as it all to often does, read ahead in the textbook. Just don't let the teachers know you do it; the teachers will not let you. (see how to daydream in class for tips on how to read your textbook).
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    If no one will help you, check more Internet sites, there are many people who will help you with some problems.


  • Do your Homework and Assignments
  • Don't hang with the 'wrong crowd'. Studying will be harder for you if they keep distracting you.
  • Always try hard
  • Don't try to find romance in school, it is very distracting and makes it hard to learn.
  • ESPECIALLY dont daydream in the class because then you'll miss out on your information or your project even your homework!
  • Note-taking is one of the productive and easiest ways to learn and study, so it's highly encouraged.


  • Do not disturb other kids while learning, you will most likely get in trouble and may be sent out of class or worst of all, detention!

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