wikiHow to Learn French from Scratch

Do you need to learn French in a hurry? Maybe you're planning on going to a French speaking country on a holiday. This wikiHow can teach you the basics of French.


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    Learn basic French phrases such as:
    • "Bonjour" [bon-joor] = hello
    • "Ça va?" [Sa va?] = how are you
    • "Au revoir" [Oh revwah] = goodbye
    • "non" [Nouh] = no
    • "oui" [we] = yes
      • etc.
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    Learn a few questions, too, as it is also handy, such as:
    • "Comment vous appelez-vous?" [commo vooz apehllay voo] = what's your name?
    • "Que-est que ...?" [kess kuh] = What...?
    • "Comment dit-on ... en français?" [commoh dee-ton...on fraunsay] = how do you say .... in french?
    • "Où est...?" [ooh ay] = where is...
      • etc.
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    Learn some basic verbs:
    • avoir [ahv war] = to have
    • être [eh trh] = to be
    • faire [fayr] = to do, to make
    • aller [ah lay] = to go
      • These are some of the most common and useful verbs, and you should learn them inside and out, as you will use them in every conversation you have in French
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    NOTE: Many French words use a nasal sound which can be difficult to learn. Some ways to help are:
    • Watch French movies and listen to French radio or recordings. These will help you understand spoken French. You should repeat lines to practice speaking with the accent, and eventually you will be able to use the nasal sound effectively
    • Try speaking more with the back of your throat and nose
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    Surround yourself in French every day!
    • Get podcasts of French on your cellphone or iPod and listen to it on the go
    • Set all movies you watch to French with English subtitles
    • Write a blog or journal in French
    • Join a French club or sign up for a French class. A good FREE online course to learn some basic French is
    • Listen to French music
    • Join a language exchange website and befriend some French-speaking people. You can help them advance in English and, in return, build up your French


  • French is really complicated, despite what people tell you, so you need to just get down and learn it.
  • Take an English to French dictionary with you places. It helps!


  • Don't overload your brain with too much at a time. Take it at your own pace.
  • The French are different to us, however they are just as nice. Learn some of their customs and it should help a little.

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