How to Learn Basic French

French or "Francais" is one of the most popular languages in the world. When you speak it fluently, you can travel to countries like Seychelles, Lebanon, Belgium, Canada and the most popular, France! Of course, you must start off with the basics!


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    Learn the basic phrases "hello" and "how are you?" which in French is "Bonjour" and "Comment ca va?". Google translate is a big help for this! These basic phrases can help you form sentences as you get better.
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    Learn colours, numbers and the alphabet. These will help you communicate with others, these are also very important. Write a list of the colours in French, along with the English word next to it. The alphabet will help you with reading, along with the numbers.
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    Learn masculine and feminine words. "la fenetre" is feminine, "le livre" is masculin. The difference is any word that starts with the determinant "la" is feminine and "le" is masculine. The 'le' means 'the' but is spelt differently for words which are masculine, feminine or plural.
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    Use Rosetta Stone to help you with French. This does cost a lot of money, but it is worth it! It will help you with verbs, masculine and feminine, and more.
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    Buy a dictionary.
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    Learn verbs. The main verbs are "avoir" "etre" "pouvoir" "vouloir" and "aller." Use French websites to help you.
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    Go to France for a couple of months to help you practice. Again, a lot of money. If you can't afford that, go to Quebec City instead! They speak fluent French too. If you go for a couple of months speaking French, you will come back with more knowledge.


  • Be patient!
  • Rosetta stone, French dictionaries and Google translate are your best friends!
  • If you have friends who speak French, speak with them to practice! Every bit helps when learning a language.
  • Learn the verbs!
  • Be patient while learning the verbs!

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