How to Learn About Reflexology

You can learn about the art of reflexology and help yourself relieve everyday ailments and discomforts. The art of reflexology promotes a state of well being and is a healing modality that has been practised for two thousand years. Read the steps below to find out how you can perform simple reflexology treatments on yourself, as well as how you can learn to become a certified reflexologist.


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    Give yourself a reflexology treatment. Find out how to get the reflexology charts you need to treat yourself. Reflexology charts are simply maps of your feet and hands that show the location of all the reflex points that are related to your organs and other areas of your body.
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    Decide if you want to learn how to apply reflexology to your feet, hands or ears. Learn how to read foot, hand and ear reflexology charts. These charts will help you find all of your reflex points so that you can perform reflexology on yourself anywhere, at any time.
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    Apply reflexology to your hands if you have any issues with your feet, such as sores or extreme tenderness. Although foot reflexology is by far the most popular form of this treatment, your hands contain all of the same reflex points that are located on your feet and a hand reflexology session can be just as effective as a foot reflexology treatment. Be aware that hand reflexology is quite different from palm therapy.
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    Try using reflexology on your ears . Unlike the hands and feet, each ear contains the reflex points for your entire body. Using ear reflexology is a fast, easy and discreet method of reflexology that can relieve many discomforts. Just giving one or both of your ears a quick massage is a great way to relieve anxiety. It is advisable, though, to seek a professional practitioner for painful problem areas. A certified reflexologist can quickly locate the correct reflex points in your ears and that way, you will get faster results.
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    Treat yourself or other members of your family to a reflexology massage. This is a wonderful way for anyone to begin the day. You can perform a short session on yourself and concentrate on an area of your body that is bothering you, or you can spend up to an hour giving yourself or a loved one a thorough treatment. Reflexology is also an ideal healing and relaxing modality for children.
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    Think of using reflexology to treat a wide range of symptoms. For example, you can use reflexology to help increase your circulation and to assist you in losing weight. It is also great for relieving back pain and for alleviating the symptoms that cause migraines and fibromyalgia. Reflexology is so versatile; treatments can help everything from eyestrain to chest pain.
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    Look for a professional reflexologist if you don’t feel comfortable administering reflexology to yourself. You can easily find a certified reflexologist and make an appointment for a full therapy session. As with any other health practitioner, you should also learn how to price a professional reflexologist so that you know when you’re being over- or under-charged. There are certain other elements beyond price to be aware of as well when deciding on how to choose the right reflexologist for you. Personal recommendations, of course, are always ideal, but there are other criteria to consider before you visit a reflexologist. Among other things, you will learn how the practitioner assesses your overall health condition and any symptoms you may be experiencing.
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    Study to become a certified reflexologist. Requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so you need to know what your locality requires before you can practice reflexology.
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    Find out how and where you can get the training you need to begin your own practice so that you can start giving reflexology treatments as a professional. Reflexology is a fast-growing, popular profession and there are many opportunities to practice this ancient art; either in a private practice or with another group of practitioners.

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