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So you want to learn about Islam? Going to the local library won't help you much, since resources on Islam there are usually scarce and outdated. Whether you're working on a Social Studies project or want to research Islam for personal reasons here's how to best approach this subject.


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    Obtain an introductory book about Islam. Books that give an overview regarding the basic beliefs, the 5 pillars, prayers, rituals, etc. Make sure that the book is not biased and if possible written by a practicing Muslim.
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    Meet other Muslims. Locate a mosque in your areas and visit them at prayer times, for example, just before sunset or after noon. Wait to see the people exiting the mosque and try to engage in a conversation with them.
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    Visit an Islamic Center. Call them before hand and tell them your purpose for learning about Islam. They'll probably invite you to come over. Before heading out write several key questions on a piece of paper and bring along a tape recorder or notebook to record any information.
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    Read the Holy Qur'an. Don't forget to refer to Muslims if there is anything in the Qur'an you don't understand.
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    Read the Hadeeth (the sayings of Muhammad, peace be upon him). Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim are the most reliable books. Read books by many famous Muslim theologians and mystics- one is Al-Ghazali, a really interesting book which talks about how Muslims should live their lives (with references to the Qur'an and Hadith) is 'The Alchemy of Happiness'.
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    Make use of an Islamic Q&A online service and ask questions there. Be careful though, since you are talking to an anonymous person, he or she might not provide you with accurate information.


  • If you are in doubt of anything, don't hesitate to ask a knowledgeable Muslim.


  • Be very careful when searching the Internet. There are many websites out on the Internet that are intended to misinform people about Islam.

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