How to Learn About Asbestos Legislation

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fiber that can be found in rock and soil. It has been used in many building materials, including shingles, ceiling and floor tiles, and vermiculite insulation and in automobile parts such as clutches, brakes, and transmission parts. Exposure to asbestos has been associated with lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Because of the health hazards, most asbestos uses have been banned. To learn more about asbestos legislation, follow the steps below.


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    Collect some basic information. To understand any piece of legislation, one must first collect some background information and ensure they understand the basics. Good places to start in gathering the basic facts include:
    • The Environmental Protection Agency’s (“EPA”) webpage U.S. Federal Bans on Asbestos. The page contains information on banned products and uses, examples of products containing asbestos, which have not been banned, and a brief history of regulatory bans. Follow the links throughout the text to learn more about federal regulations and recent Court decisions, which affect those regulations.
    •’s National Asbestos Legislation webpage. is maintained by the Mesothelioma Center. Its Asbestos Legislation page contains easy to understand information about the various regulatory agencies concerned with asbestos and the current laws and regulations.
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    Review the laws. Besides federal legislation concerning asbestos, many states have created their own asbestos plan and passed legislation regarding asbestos containing products and worker safety. You can locate federal individual state legislation using some of the following websites.
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    Read what nonprofit and public service organizations have to say. Generally the information published by nonprofit organizations is accurate and trustworthy. Some organizations, which provide information on current asbestos legislation include:
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    Take advantage of attorney and law firm blogs and websites. Many personal injury lawyers maintain websites with blog posts and news stories about asbestos litigation and legislation. Locate and read some law sites and/or blogs and subscribe to really simple syndication (“RRS”) feeds, to stay informed about new legislations and changes to the current laws. Some law blogs providing information about asbestos legislation include:
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    Utilize legal and asbestos news sites.
    • JD Supra Law News. A massive archive of searchable legal news, including updates on asbestos legislation. Use the site’s search feature to search ‘asbestos’.
    • Owned and operated by the Mesothelioma Center, provides a wealth of information on asbestos legislation.
    • contains information about every aspect of asbestos injury, lawsuits, and legislation.

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