How to Lead Your Customers to Conversion

Four Methods:Learn About and Know Your CustomersLearn About and Know Your ProductHave a Well-Designed, Professional WebsiteLearn How to Keep Customers and Generate Repeat Business

When it comes to website and Internet-based businesses, focusing on leading your customers to conversion is more important than website traffic or the amount of hits your website generates. Turning traffic into conversion and knowing your audience is key to the success of any website. Here are some tips on how to lead your customers to conversion and how to turn your website into a successful, profitable business.

Method 1
Learn About and Know Your Customers

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    Be more engaging with your potential customers and find ways to interact with them.
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    Find out who your target market is in addition to their demographics so you can offer products that appeal to this specific audience.
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    Make your customers feel comfortable with you, your business, and their purchase by involving yourself with their transaction.

Method 2
Learn About and Know Your Product

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    If your business caters to a specific niche, familiarize yourself with that particular niche and do extensive research on it. Stay on top of your niche's trends and eventually this will lead your customers to conversion.
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    Discover what the best uses of your product are and divulge this information to your customers.
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    Visit the websites of your competitors that offer a similar product and gather additional best practices and techniques you can implement on your own website.

Method 3
Have a Well-Designed, Professional Website

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    Establish trust with your customers by using sales copy that is easy to understand.
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    Make sure your website contains useful information that will benefit your customers; such as product reviews, recommendations, videos and more.
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    Make sure your website is easy to navigate and keep the design simple for customers who are less Internet-savvy.
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    Place your contact information in a location on your website that is easy to find. Include a phone number, physical address, a contact form, and details about the real people behind your business.
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    Make your website look as legitimate as possible by providing complete product information and eliminating broken links.

Method 4
Learn How to Keep Customers and Generate Repeat Business

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    Follow up with your customers and send them a thank-you email for doing business with you.
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    Provide your service or ship your product in a timely manner, proving your reliability.
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    Offer top-notch customer service if for some reason your customer is dissatisfied or has a problem with your product or service.
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    Offer a satisfaction guarantee that promises the customer a refund if they are unhappy with your product or service.
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    Make sure your website address and additional contact information is in every correspondence you send to the customer and is included with the product.
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    Incorporate promotions or free shipping with your product or on your website on a regular basis to have a higher conversion rate over your competitors.


  • To further lead your customers to conversion, design ads they can click on that will navigate them to other landing pages on your website based on those keywords.


  • Don't trick your website visitors into typing their personal information into your opt-in lists because unsolicited emails will deter potential customers from your website.

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