How to Lead Addicting Party Games

Why play games at your parties? Because they're fun, and they help break down social barriers. By learning how to be an effective party game leader, you'll become a social hero!


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    Be well-prepared. Have a list of games you want to play and know the rules so that you can teach them to others.
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    Be flexible. Just because you're the leader, it doesn't mean other people won't have great ideas for what games to play.
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    Remain enthusiastic at all times. If you don't seem interested in the game, why should anyone else be?
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    Mediate. Learn to recognize conflict before it breaks out, and take action to maintain a good group atmosphere. If necessary, separate conflicting guests into different groups from the start. Try to get them to settle conflict through healthy, safe competition.
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    Take age into consideration. If you are doing a party for young children you will have different games than you do for adult party games.
    • Very young kids will need the most control and the simplest games.
    • Teenagers and young adults; These groups generally go for the outrageous, off the wall high-energy activities. Making it safe is the challenge. From young adults and older, generally reduce control. They are almost adults let them play.
    • Adults and seniors enjoy lower-energy activities and entertainment.
    • Mixed age groups is where you will run into problems. You are generally trying to provide a bonding opportunity for mixed age groups. Mums and their kids for example; mum likes low energy and son likes to swing from the rafters. The wider the range, the greater the challenge. Try planning for the younger ages and invite the older ages to join in and help, use group contests, songs skits and team relays where everyone can have a lot of fun, or gear activities to the abilities and interest of the seniors and invite all others to join in the fun.


  • Keep things simple. The simpler the party game is and the less equipment you have to bring, the better. Simple is fun and addicting. If you have a simple party game like "cutie pinchy kitty cow" you can play it anywhere you go. It will be a group favourite for the rest of your life.


  • Be careful of party crashers (people that are not there to have fun, just to make everyone mad). You can simply invite them to join the games or even better have a digital camera and have them be photographers.

Things You'll Need

  • Make sure you have a printed list of all the supplies you need. Some games will require more equipment than others.

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