How to Land an 'Impossible' on a Skateboard

The 'Impossible' is quite a challenging trick to do but with lots of practice, you'll be a pro in no time. An 'Impossible' is where the board is scooped up by the back foot and wraps over the back foot in a 360 degree rotation. There are many types of the impossible or that have been created over the years but I'll be showing you the normal one. When doing an impossible, it's mostly involving your back foot.


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    Set your feet up for an ollie and practice some ollies (if not warmed up already) to get some hang time.
    • This is a pressure based trick and is similar to other pressure based tricks such as hardflips. Pressure based tricks require you to "load" pressure on opposite ends and sides of the board just before you pop the board. Timing is critical and requires lots of practice.
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    Do an ollie and drag your foot forward up to the nose.
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    Have your back foot toes hanging off the board so when you kick it, you'll scrape it on the ground and scoop it off, having your back foot then going in a circular motion.
    • In order to learn the technique behind the scoop, it is extremely helpful to just stand on the ground off of your board and go through the proper motion with your back foot. Practice this at least 20 or 30 times before you get started. Your back foot makes a scooping motion just the same way that you would use to kick/sweep pebbles out of the way. Scoop it and make a complete circle bringing your back foot right back to where you started from. The sole of your shoe should always be as perfectly parallel to the ground as possible though the entire circular motion. The quicker you can complete this motion the more success you will have in "glue footing" this trick.
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    Stomp the board with your left foot and keep on the board.
    • Always keep your shoulders parallel to your board. Most people tend to "open up"' meaning to turn one's shoulders frontside while attempting this. If you don't keep you shoulders square you really will find it impossible to get your front foot back on the board.
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    Get ready for your landing.


  • Please do practice.
  • Try it without rolling/moving.
  • It's better to be protected than to be wounded one.


  • Do not try this trick straight away without practicing your ollies first.

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