How to Know When Friends Are Using You

Do you have a feeling that your friends maybe aren't your friends at all? Maybe they're just using you, but you're not sure. This article will show the tell-tale signs of a friend who is using you.


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    Consider how they spend their time. Do they hang out with you? A real friend will want to spend time with you because they enjoy your company, not just when they need to copy your homework.
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    Consider their neediness. Are they constantly "borrowing" money? Anyone who is happy to borrow money, but maybe not so keen to pay it back, either has a really bad habit, or is using you.
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    Watch for being dumped on. Do they ever blame you to get themselves out of trouble? This one should be obvious. Have you ever gotten a detention because your friend blamed you for something they did? If yes, then they are using you.
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    Think about how sharing they are with you. When was the last time they did something for you? If you can't answer this, then they are obviously using you.
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    Put yourself in his/her shoes. Do you honestly think they see you as a friend, or someone they go to when they couldn't be bothered doing their own homework? Then ask yourself: "Are they really good friends, or do I just want them to like me by letting them 'use me?'"


  • Watch for any changes in behaviour from the user once they've gotten what they want from you and know they cannot get anymore out of you, you may find that they start treating you poorly or just stop all contact and this is a pretty clear sign that you've been used by someone.
  • If they to come back into your life for any reason you need to find out why and decided whether or not you'll accept them back into your life, it's wiser not to let them back in once they've left or you've gotten rid of them. Users rarely change!

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