How to Know What Not to Eat on a Date

Going to dinner or lunch on a date is a traditional approach to courtship, however numerous pitfalls exist when munching and crunching while trying to look hot on a date. Before you head out the door on that first or tenth date, know how to size up your plate to discern what to eat and what to avoid.


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    Identify where you are eating. Before you can even decide if the menu is “dateworthy,” you’ll need to determine what kind of food you are going to be eating. If you get to choose the restaurant you’ll have more of an advantage because then you can make sure the menu is date-friendly. However, if your date is the one making the selection, find out what the restaurant serves so you’ll know what your choices are ahead of time.
    • Check out the menu. Many restaurants post a menu online, however if the spot your date has chosen does not provide this option, drop by the restaurant and either grab a “to-go” version of the menu or ask to see the menu.
    • Identify an appetizer, main course and dessert you would feel comfortable eating. Look for foods you are familiar with and generally don’t leave you covered in sauces or drippy dips.
    • Inquire about special orders. If you can’t identify something that you will feel comfortable ordering (for example, your date chooses a rib joint and you are vegan) ask the host if they would consider a special order. In some cases restaurants would entertain an off the menu order.
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    Consider the spice factor. If you have a delicate pallet or sensitive stomach, steer clear of any food that may be spicy or gassy. One good bout of gas or diarrhea will definitely put you in the friend zone immediately following your first trip to the toilet.
    • Thai food. This seemingly harmless fare can pack quite a punch if you don’t order correctly. Many Thai restaurants help out the dinner by denoting especially spicy dishes by placing a certain number of chilli peppers next to the entrée.
    • Indian food. If you have a sensitive stomach it would be a good idea to order daal (a soothing lentil based-soup) or mutter paneer (stewed peas and cubes of special cheese). Nearly every dish at an Indian restaurant has a certain amount of heat—some much more than others.
    • Wings and ribs. When it comes to avoiding too much spice at a wing or rib restaurant, always order mild. Some people are concerned about coming off looking like a wimp by ordering mild sauce, however sweating profusely and downing glass after glass or milk will most likely make you look worse.
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    Avoid messy foods. Long strands of red sauce laden pasta or giant crab legs you have to crack open yourself may be considered to be too messy for a first or early date.
    • If you have to slurp it, avoid it. While oysters have been thought to have an aphrodisiac quality, seeing you or your date slurping those babies down will most likely remove any sex appeal you were trying to build.
    • Sloppy Joes or messy burgers will end up in your lap and all over your face. Even if you are craving a loose meat sandwich, resist the urge and go for something neater like a chicken sandwich.
    • If you need a bib, avoid the food. Lobster may be delicious, but seeing you wildly digging into the red shell, wearing a bib may not be the biggest turn on for your date.
    • Extremely cheesy food can be difficult to wrangle. A cheese-laden piece of pizza may be tough when you are trying to get that long string of cheese to finally break off.
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    Order like an adult. Even if you have a McDonald’s Happy Meal addiction don’t reveal this to your date until later down the road (perhaps after you’ve been married for a few years).
    • Ordering from the kid’s menu is off limits. Some restaurants will allow adults to order off the kid’s menu, however stop short from ordering that grilled cheese or hot dog. You want your date to feel as if he/she is on a date with a real grown up.
    • Have a refined beverage. You don’t need to sip fine wine, however ordering a milkshake or a big glass of milk with your meal in an early dating situations creams “juvenile” —unless that's the sort of thing you first bonded over.
    • Go for the real thing. Order a nice piece of fish or chicken instead of fish sticks or chicken fingers.


  • Avoid over- or undereating on a date. Super-sizing your meal is not sexy; however, neither is a side salad and a glass of water.
  • Size up food that can get lodged in your teeth. Foods to consider include corn on the cob or spinach.
  • Know what your boy/girlfriend likes (Is he/she vegetarian? Spicy food lover? Candy monster?Good girl/boy?) and buy food accordingly.


  • When ordering alcohol-based beverages, stick to a two-drink maximum. You still want to impress your date, so getting sloppy drunk may turn your first date into your last.

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