How to Know if You Are Addicted to the Computer

With computers nowadays becoming more and more popular along with social activities and rampant emails, the addiction to stay on them is becoming more and more stronger. Although some of us can resist this urge to socialize, search, and watch videos all day on our computers, there are many of us who put more hours into our computers than we do at our regular day jobs! So how do we know if we are one of these people? Follow the steps below and you might be surprised what you find out...


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    Log the amount of time you spend on your computer in one day. the amount of time you spend on the computer a single day can tell a lot about your devotion to your computer time, if only an hour or two not so bad. But if you start getting into a part-time job, especially when you're not getting paid for it, then you might want to question the amount of time you actually spend in your computer.
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    Log regular 'activities' you do on the computer. the type of activities you accomplish on your computer tells what your goal is for using a computer, if it's for work purposes than long hours may actually be necessary and have nothing to do with an addiction. Although if you find yourself searching for rumors on Facebook, or watching random videos for hours on end, then the word 'addiction' might suit your situation closer than you think.
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    Separate your activities into two groups, "mandatory" and "non-mandatory". related to the previous step, this will differentiate the difference between you getting work done on your computer for long periods of time, or searching for something to do just a past time. This can help identify possible minor addiction problems before they get worse for parents, or children who savor their computer time over family time.
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    Ask a close family member or friend who lives with you if they notice the amount of time that you spend on a computer. That last statement might sound incomplete, but there's no specific amount time you should ask them that they notice. Just ask them if they do notice the amount of time. 99% of the time if they say yes, then you are spending way too much time on the computer unless of course it is for work purposes. And 99% of the time if they say no then you more than likely are in no danger of being addicted to the computer.


  • Take your activities seriously, and be willing to show all of them to someone who could help (i.e. pornography, gambling, stock trading, chatting, webcam viewing, random video watching)
  • Many of the steps may seem repetitive, but keeping a log is the easiest way of analyzing information to come up with your own conclusion later.
  • Use a physical calendar to keep track of the amount of days a month you use the computer.
  • Use a stopwatch or an app to keep track of your time easier.


  • No addiction is too small, addictions are serious, and like many other addictions a little use can be good for people, but too much use can interfere with a person's life and relationships... be careful.

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