How to Know if It Is the Right Time to Get a Puppy

Ok, so you REALLY want a puppy. But, you don't know if you're ready? Well, after reading this article, you can choose the right time to pick your "Furry Friend".


  1. 1
    Ask yourself:
    • Do I really want a puppy?
    • Do I have enough space to provide play?
    • Do I really want the responsibility?
    • Is a puppy really going to make me happy?
    • Do I have enough money to provide shots?
    • Do I have enough money to provide treats/food?
    • Do I have a pet who does not like other animals?
    • Can my pet hurt the new member of the family?
  2. 2
    If you answered "Yes" to numbers 1-6, and "No" to numbers 7-8, you are ready to get a puppy.
  3. 3
    Here are some of the necessities needed for your new "Little Friend":
    • Dog/Puppy food
    • Water
    • Food/Water dish
    • Wee Wee Pad (for puppies who have not gotten all shots and cannot go outside-optional for older dogs)
    • Collar with name tag
    • Proper play space
  4. 4
    Now that you have gotten all of the items above (and more that you think is needed), you are ready to choose your dog/puppy. Think:
    • Do I want a puppy?
    • Do I want a dog?
  5. 5
    Now that you have gotten your pet, follow these steps:
    • Name your pet
    • Play with your pet
    • Give your pet exercise
      • Love your pet!


  • Make sure your pet goes to the vet a good amount of times each year


  • NEVER-EVER abuse your animal! That is VERY mean and VERY cruel. If you're mad, don't take your anger on an adorable little puppy/dog. Puppies/Dogs are loving, and caring, why shouldn't you be to him/her?

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