How to Know if He's Husband Material

You're unsure about whether you're wasting time wondering if he's the one who you should live with, raise a family with, or grow old with in your rocking chairs.. You're in luck! There are a few characteristics and actions this man might do that will lock in your decision about letting him put that ring on your finger.


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    Notice his interest in the bar scene. It was forgivable for him to get drinks with his buddies in his college days. But now, if he goes out more than a few times a month to house parties or clubs, he hasn't grown out of this immaturity. An ideal husband would choose a dinner and movie night with you, over wings and pool with the boys.
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    Consider whether he is keen to share every experience with you. Whether it's something as simple as going for lunch with his family or a trip to the doctor's, he should want you to be there with him every step of the way. That's how you realize that he will love you for the long haul, not just a year or two from now.
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    Think about the passion you feel for him. In your "honeymoon phase" during the first year's time of dating, your fire for one another never died out. If he can't still get you going now, he's not husband material. You want to be able to make love at 5 am, and run around like teenagers doing it in public places. In all physical, mental and emotional ways, he has to turn you on otherwise the passion will die out.
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    Decide whether you're on the same page. The relationship between both of you is consistent together, otherwise getting married is a huge red flag. Marriage is commitment. If he's not comfortable with talking about having children, or if he disagrees with your version of romance, your marriage won't be lasting long.
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    Be sure that he loves every version of you. Whether it's your sweatpants and face full of ice cream, or when you're rocking a pair of heels, you can tell he thinks you're beautiful. If you suspect he's thinking otherwise, how's he supposed to still be around when you're 70 and wrinkling? He has to love you at every age, regardless of appearances, but for who you actually are.
    • Not only with age, but whether it's your "special week" and you're off the wall. Your husband will be seeing a lot of those weeks, and he has to be tough enough to tolerate you screaming one minute, crying the next, and being able to look past it and kiss you anyways.
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    Determine that he has aspirations and goals. Even if it's going to the gym, becoming a salesman, or taking care of you, he's got some sort of goal that he works towards. Something he's passionate about and can talk about for hours, because you know that he has dedication. Marriage is dedication to one another!
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    Consider how you'd feel raising a family with him. Would you be proud for your son to be like him? To raise a family with this man, there's a good chance a little boy will come along and he might look and act all the same as who you've married. Are you okay with that?

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