How to Kiss Goodnight

The goodnight kiss is one of the most romantic and exciting moments in a date. If you've felt chemistry and had a great time, you're probably wondering: Should you kiss? Is (s)he ready for it? When is the right time? Should you wait? Read on and find out how to kiss goodnight.


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    At the end of the date, find a way to get close to him or her. This will not only help you read your date’s level of interest better, but also get yourself into position should the opportunity to kiss present itself.
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    Gauge your date’s reaction to you. You'll need to do this quickly as the goodbye-kiss window doesn’t stay open for long. If you’re walking your date home and they don’t let you get that close to the door, take this physical distancing as a sign that a goodnight kiss isn't such a great idea. If (s)he is eager to get the keys in the door, this too is a bad sign. Other red lights can include clamped lips or a stubborn refusal to make eye contact. However, there’s a good chance that the signs won’t be as obvious as this. To give yourself the advantage in the moment, learn how to read body language so that you can act fast and avoid any mishaps. Only make a move if you feel all is right.
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    Make a “moment.” Remember that in every goodnight kiss scenario, you've got a limited window of opportunity to make your move. Create an "awkward pause" in the conversation. Studies show that people are uncomfortable with gaps of silence in conversation, so fill it with a smile and get ready to move in for a kiss.
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    Maintain eye contact. If your date steadily returns your gaze, consider it an invitation to smooch. If (s)he tries to maintain eye contact but breaks it before anything can happen, chalk it up to nervousness and try to create another “moment” if it isn’t too late.
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    Move in for the kiss. Keep it simple, especially if this is your first kiss with your date. This means no tongue or special moves; just turn your head slightly to the side, lean in slowly, and rock his or her world! You can place your hand on the small of their neck if you wish.
    • If your date is enthusiastic, you may be able to turn the simple smooch into a longer, more involved kiss. However, only do this if you feel very confident about the cues you’re being given; when in doubt, err on the side of kissing too little, as it’s better to leave them wanting more than to make them regret kissing you in the first place.
    • If you get the dreaded cheek turn, briefly apologize, laugh it off, and leave with your dignity intact.
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    Repeat if desired, or if you feel your date getting into it. This may lead to being invited inside, but don't count on it.


  • If you feel your date trying to move away or say "No," don’t press the issue. Simply ask if (s)he's okay; if the answer is "nothing" or your date has to think about it, just say goodnight, as your date probably isn’t comfortable enough to admit it’s too soon to kiss. Never force a goodnight kiss on someone.
  • If it seems like your date is waiting for a while to go inside, kiss her. She wants you to.
  • Never say I love you after the kiss unless you mean it. Don't say anything if you don't want to. Let the kiss speak for you.
  • Add comments such as "Tonight was amazing" or "I hope we can do this again sometime" (and show her that you mean it) to make him/her feel special.
  • If you want to be extra cute you could even kiss her hand or forehead, but be wary of the forehead kiss as some girls find it patronizing or granddad-like.
  • When you're walking away, give a little glance back - chances are she'll be watching you go.


  • Be wary of giving a goodnight (or first) kiss in front of friends, whether they’re yours or your date’s; this is meant to be a sweet and private moment, so keep it as exclusive as possible.
  • If your date is facing the other way, do not grab his or her head and turn it to face you for the kiss. This is pushy and unromantic.
  • Don't just go around kissing anyone, anytime! You may be charged with sexual assault if you move too aggressively.

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