How to Kill Time in College

The concept of "Time" in college can range from frantically writing papers the night before to having spans of "empty" hours that occur before, between, and after classes. Kill time with a few lethal blows by using these steps.


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    Organize your planner. Take out every syllabus you have been given for the semester, grab a pen and several highlighters (preferably of different colors). Write down important dates such as exams, finals, papers, readings, club meetings, etc. Highlight exams with one color, papers in another, and so on.
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    Make a list of the things you need. Has your Noxzema supply run out? Do you need a longer Ethernet cable? Go around the dorm and see what items you need. Keep the list with you so you can jot down another item if you remember it on the way to class. Go out and buy them.
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    Sleep. If your first class does not begin until noon, set your alarm to wake you a little later than usual. If your free time occurs between classes, take a power nap to keep you going.
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    Eat. Depending on your schedule, you may have an hour or so around lunchtime before your next class. Head to the cafeteria, even if it's just to munch on an apple.
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    Update song information on your mp3 player. Fill in artist names, albums, year, etc. Get some new music too and listen to your favorite songs.
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    Clean the refrigerator. Whether it's a mini-fridge or a full-size chiller in your suite, clean the insides with soap and a clean rag and remove scuff marks and smudges from the exterior. Your room- and dorm mates will appreciate your selfless action.
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    Rearrange the room. Get a loft kit, bunk the beds, stack dressers, move the desks around, think of anything you can to give the room a new look. The same thing applies to decorations.
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    Do homework. Start homework that has been assigned to you earlier. You can also use this time to read ahead before your next lecture. If you don't have anything else to do, you can always work ahead. The professor will love you and it will show up in your tests.
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    Tutor for a subject. Head to your campus learning resource center. If you are strong in a particular subject, i.e. Calculus, the Sciences, German, you can help other students. You could even get paid for tutoring.
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    Do laundry. Most likely, students will be in class during the early afternoon. The laundry room will be free. If you live in your own apartment, you may have to pay for the laundry by using quarters.
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    Do some Spring Cleaning in your hard drive/s. That 2-year-old document will keep staring at you until you delete it or move it to external storage. Junk files in the hard drive will decrease performance. Moving documents, pictures, music and videos to external storage will encourage better performance from your machine.
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    Touch Base. Hop on Facebook, MySpace, or your preferred social networking site and drop a line to folks back home or those you haven't talked to in awhile. If you are a MySpace user, you can add stuff to your profile, take a few online surveys, or update your music. You can also sing karaoke, play games, listen to free music and watch some free TV shows and video clips. If you are a Facebook users, you can fool around with the fun games and applications they have to offer. Same as MySpace.
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    Configure your E-mail program. Outlook Express allows a user to create "rules" for incoming messages. For example, if you have your personal and school e-mail coming to the same place, create a folder just for school and create a rule that e-mail for the school account will go to that folder.
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    Watch YouTube Videos - These are quick ways to pass the time and to get entertained before your next class. Just search for videos of your choice or watch the feature videos and go from there. You can do that on other videos sites such as MetaCafe, Hulu, and MySpace Video.
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    Write a wikiHow article. Hit the "Write Article" link and show the world how to do something.
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    Browse the Web - you never know where you will wind up. Check the news, read celebrity gossip, search Google on your topic of interests, read sports statistics and news, look up photos on Photobucket or Flickr (and upload your own), check your horoscope, read online comics, play games, the possibilities are endless.
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    Watch some TV or a movie - Kick back and watch your favorite TV shows, or channel surf to see what's good on at the minute. If there is nothing good on and you got lots of time to spare, pop in a DVD and relax.
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    Read - Read something for pleasure. It doesn't have to be War In Peace or some gushy romance novel, you can read the newspaper, magazines, even textbooks for pleasure if you are interested in the subject. Stop by at the college library and get some good books and other materials to read. Reading more often will also improve your reading skills, which is great for college.
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    Play Games - It could be your favorite video game, Game Boy, internet games and apps, or the classic board and cards games.
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    Get to know some people - Join clubs and other activities. Mingle around the lounge area and mingle around. Who knows, you might meet your future fiancée sitting in that lounge area of the college studying for her Psychology exam.
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    Get some exercise - a little exercise is always good for you. It helps you lose some pounds, develop strength and stamina, and releases endorphins that make you feel good. Go to the gym or ride your bike, go swimming, etc.


  • Do activities for a set amount of time. Use a timer or set your alarm.
  • Video games, TV, and the internet could be addicting, so try to focus on your studies and your social life, or you won't succeed in college.
  • This list is not exhaustive. You can come up with your own ways to pass the time.


  • Do not become so busy that you lose track of time! You still need to go to class.

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