How to Kill Bosses in Resident Evil 4

Here are steps which may help you defeat bosses and major henchmen in Resident Evil 4 without using a Rocket Launcher. It's useful to note that each enemy is designed to have his own weaknesses and strengths, and the environment and resources at your disposal need to be considered in the overall difficulty of each fight.


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    Ammunition is paramount. The game generally hints that something huge is about to happen (that is, a boss battle is about to ensue) through cut scenes. Another warning would be save points placed at strategic locations. So use these moments to beef up your guns and load up with herbs before heading off. Conserve bullets and use your knife as much as possible.
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    Know the surroundings and the resources available. This is where your skills truly get tested. During a boss battle, the location is locked and you can't escape it. This means that everything you need is already in the area, may it be herbs, bullets, even explosive drums you may shoot for your advantage.
    • During the fight with the chainsaw-wielding ladies, you can kick the ladders just as they are climbing to get you. If you do it fast enough, you get a chance to hit them both with each shot while they are standing up.
    • Explosive drums are located in the area where you fight Bitores Mendez, and Nitrogen tanks are scattered in the lab where you encounter the frightful Verdugo. They're always limited though, so use them wisely.
    • In fighting "It" (scorpion guy), you need to quickly aim at blinking lights while running away from him so you need to use a gun with minimal recoil. This is where your upgraded handgun come in most useful.
    • Red monks and ganado soldiers with gatling guns can be really annoying because they can kill you instantly. The key is to get a nice (solid) hiding spot and rifle him up Hurt Locker style. You can opt to wait for his cool down and fire a shotgun close, although you must move really quickly for this to work.
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    Know your enemy's weakness. Each boss (and major minion) has his own weakness you can take advantage of to win. Here are some:
    • Chainsaw ganados need to get really close to hurt you. Take the time to aim when one comes near and fire him with a shotgun point blank to send him flying back.
    • Krauser is extremely vulnerable to knife cuts. Take advantage of this every time you get a chance to get close. Approximately 10 cuts will end him right away.
    • In shooting harpoons at Del Lago, keep in mind the distance between you and the monster: the farther he is, the higher your harpoons should be fired. Plus, whenever the monster is still treading the waters while Leon is standing on the moving boat, you can still fire extra shots on his back. Be very quick to aim though since Del Lago's moves are sudden.
    • Garrador's (blind dudes) claws get stuck on walls temporarily. Plus they have those soft spot on their backs. So make them chase you while your back is against a wall and run out of the way as soon as it gets close enough before blasting their backs.
    • Salazar's critical spot is his bare body when he pops out of his monster. Butterfly works best on him, of course, but take note that Salazar moves when hit due to recoil, so you may have to wait a second in between shots to avoid missing with these precious bullets.
    • Regenerators aren't really bosses but everyone can agree how creepy they can get. Unfortunately, their weakness can only be visible through a special equipment (Thermal Scope) inside your already crammed inventory.
    • Verdugo (Venom-look alike) is a highlight of the game because he can actually make you pee your pants. Fortunately, you don't need to kill it. But if you do wanna play hard core, Nitrogen slows him real good and makes him pretty vulnerable to gun shots. He has pretty high HP so make every chance count with your most upgraded weapons.
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    When all else fails, a maxed out (or upgraded, at least) Broken Butterfly is your best friend.


  • Don't be afraid to be afraid. The game is supposed to spook you--it's the entire essence of the RE games so feel free to get lost in character with the story.
  • When throwing Flash grenades and the enemy is pretty close, throw it directly in front of you (that is, Leon has to bow a little). This eliminates the wait time for the grenade to explode and you can attack immediately.

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