How to Kickstart Your Diet Regime

How many times do we enthusiastically start a healthy eating regime only to find that after a few weeks we start to veer off course. Here are a few suggestions, tried and tested, that will hopefully get you back on track.


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    Realize what causes you to give up. Psychological issues like boredom, lack of faith in the process, lack of patience, or conversely, really fast results can all have the effect of making you lose interest in your diet programme.
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    Analyse your current diet plan to offset boredom. Look at what you are hoping to achieve with it eg. a specific daily calorie intake, an increase in the use of certain food groups i.e., fruits / vegetables / low-carb etc and then redesign your current diet so that you still achieve your daily goals but in a different way
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    Have faith in the outcome. Lack of faith is a consequence of not seeing any results or anticipated results. This is best counteracted by examining all aspects of your health since you started your regime, for example, you may discover that although no significant weight is displaced that you have clearer skin, more energy etc. key indicators that your food intake is having a most beneficial affect on your body.
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    Be patient and expect gradual change, not instant perfection. Lack of patience is a difficult one, we are living in a world of instant gratification so after a few weeks on a diet regime we expect to be super-slim. Whatever you've achieved should be celebrated. Take your time. Three to six months is a small investment in the rest of your life. The rule is be good 80% of the time. In that way, you can still live a normal life but not revert back to old bad habits all the time.
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    Avoid fast results. Fast results can ironically make us all take our foot off the pedal. A month of being focused can bring some good sold results that lull us into the belief that we can revert to old habits because we have come so far so fast. Adopting an approach of moderation can help maintain the success and keep the momentum ticking over before you start Phase II.

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