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Every once in a while we find ourselves in less than pleasant company, but simply don't want to be impolite and literally kick the person out - or we might want to, but really shouldn't. So this is a short how-to that might help in those situations (although the easiest way would definitely be to tell the person directly). Keep in mind that this might help, but if the person you're trying to get rid of is either extremely stupid or extremely irritating, and ignores your attempts to get rid of them politely, just be rude and tell them to leave your home. They will be embarrassed but hey, you tried politely hinting them and they just didn't leave.


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    Try to understand what sort of person you are dealing with, and then select the most applicable method.
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    Begin by yawning, this works especially well late at night or after a big meal.
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    Act distracted, and continuously ask your friend to repeat themselves.
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    Mention the time in a surprised manner.
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    Inform your friend that you have a lot of things to do before the day is over.
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    Feign sickness such as a headache or stomachache. Note: This step is only if they absolutely have not taken a hint. However, an alternate path is to suggest taking the company to another location such as coffee and then "realizing" you cannot attend once they are all in their cars. This will work 65% of the time.
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    Politely and apologetically ask your friend to leave but, this is if you really want them to leave they might get mad at you.


  • Most people will get the message easily, so start with more subtle gestures.
  • Keep smiling, regardless of what you're saying or doing (except if you're trying to look incredibly tired or sleepy), it's always the most polite thing to do.
  • Say something abstract like: "I'll see you around though..." that doesn't imply a specific date or even the near future, but means you enjoyed seeing the other person.
  • Sometimes you can enjoy that person while doing a specific task in which you don't mind them around.
  • Don't rush the person. If you have something to do, or somewhere to get to, tell them gently you need to go somewhere but would love to meet up with them tomorrow or over the weekend, etc.


  • Don't act noticeably relieved when they get up to go.
  • Don't say "come again soon" unless you're willing to risk them really coming again.
  • If it's someone you like, be a bit more careful and try to be light and friendly all the way to the door.
  • If you find the need to lie, lie convincingly because if people notice you're lying, it's worse than being impolite.
  • If you're faced with someone who refuses to react to your tips, don't panic or lose your temper.

Things You'll Need

  • A genuine and easy,welcoming smile
  • A quick and firm mind
  • Graceful gestures and careful,cautious words

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