How to Kick for Goal (Rugby)

Goal kicking is one of the most important aspects of rugby as games nowadays are decided by penalty goals and conversions. A good goal kicker can usually be guaranteed a place on the team.


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    Warm-Up. It is very easy to strain ligaments in your leg while goal kicking so being warmed up and stretched is essential.
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    Place the ball on a tee. There are numerous types of tees available and you can even use a mound of sand but ideally you want the ball leaning slightly forward, to expose the sweet spot, with a seam pointed at your target. Aim to just to the right of the posts. Point your non kicking leg to the middle of the posts.
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    Step away from the ball preparing your run up. This is all about personal preference. You may take 3 long steps backwards, look at the goal to make sure you are lined up correctly, and then take 2 long steps to the right, if you are a left footer. If you are a right footer, you may want to step to the left, but it is up to you. And if you prefer a different style, that's fine too: do whatever works for you.
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    Focus your energy into your kicking leg. You can do this lots of ways such as swinging your arms or clapping your hands together.
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    Begin your run up to the ball. As you approach the ball try to plant your non-kicking foot as close to the the tee as you can.
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    Shift your weight onto your non-kicking foot, and allow your kicking leg to swing through striking the ball.
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    Strike the ball with your instep on the sweet spot of the ball. The sweet spot is located about 1/3 up the ball.
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    Follow through with your foot for maximum height and distance.


  • Always be confident that you can do it.
  • Practice as often as you can as this is the only way to get better at goal kicking.
  • Don't take your eye off the ball until it leaves the tee.
  • The most relaxed kicking style, and easiest to master is Morne Steyn's 5 small steps back. The run up is then 3 small steps followed by a big one to allow all the momentum built up through the run up to be transferred through the ball's sweet spot.
  • Watch good goal kickers like Johnny Wilkinson and Dan Carter as they have very good technique and will show you some things you may not understand in this guide.
  • Concentrate on something in between the posts, like a man in the stand.
  • Mental exercises are useful when goal kicking such as:
  • Blocking everything out helps you to stay concentrated on the kick.
  • At stance, look at where you're going to kick on the ball and the uprights. Imagine you scoring it in. Then start your run up and hit the ball.
  • Imagine a big mouth in between the posts taunting you.


  • Wear thick socks under your boots when practicing or else you can wear down the skin on your foot.

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