How to Keep Your Pets Happy

Cats and dogs are generally very sensitive creatures and if you have them as pets, you need to be ultra-sensitive to their demands.


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    Greet your pets. Even if you have a busy schedule and return home late, make sure to call out to your pets. If you have a dog, he will probably be all over you within seconds of your arrival unless he's busy trying to dig out a bone from his favourite hidden place, your couch.
    • Calling out to your pets generates a positive attitude towards them and they feel less threatened. If you have a lot of pets, call out their names one after the other. Kittens usually do not respond if they are asleep, so you might need to respect that but they will scurry towards you if they suspect cat treats in the grocery bags you just bought in. Remind them that they were missed.
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    Take special time each day to interact with your pets. Even 20 minutes will help them feel taken care of. For more active pets, a walk might be a good idea
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    Wipe/clean up "accidents". If your cat has peed on your favourite luggage bag, wipe it clean. There is nothing much you can do about it, except try to take away the pungent smell from the luggage, beds or linen they tend to soil. The very best and most effective cleanser would be bicarbonate soda and/or a little white vinegar. You can try a solution of a little detergent mixed with bicarbonate soda: a few drops of bleach, a tablespoon of vinegar, 5 drops of Dettol, 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda and oodles of water. Cats cannot be screamed at, because they simply won't understand. They will know that you are angry for some reason and rubbing their snouts on the soiled area can repeat their behaviour. Carry your cats or kittens to the litter tray and be gentle with them. Soon they will learn.
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    Give your pets a safe place to travel. Dogs love to travel, but only if they get to ride shot-gun, so invest in a proper and spacey carrier box. Kittens like to sneak into dark corners within the car and this can be pretty hazardous if your kittens slip towards the food pedestals. Beware, invest in spacey and cosy carrier box.


  • Dogs love challenges. Try placing their favorite toys on door knobs or cupboard knobs and watch them take a dive to retrieve it.
  • Kittens do not like to carried and snuggled most of the time. You need to respect that. Give them time and they will come around.
  • Kittens loves crinkly packets and noisy wrappers. So the next time you have a burger, throw them the wrapper and watch them play and investigate.
  • Dogs are extremely loyal to their owners. If you plan a vacation, try your level best to take them along. They miss us more than we think they do and a distinctive sign to watch out for is their possessiveness for your clothes, shoes or other belongings.


  • Never get angry with your pets. It just doesn't work.

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