How to Keep Your Office Table Clean and Neat

Two Methods:Empty OutEveryday Tidying

If you have a table in your office, this article will help you keep it clean and neat. With these steps your office table will be clutter free, and you'll never again have a great big heap of mess on your office table.

Method 1
Empty Out

  1. 1
    Have a day where you empty everything out of your table.
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    Gather all the clutter and sort into the following piles:
    • Rubbish
    • Pens/Pencils/Pins, etc.
    • Books
      • Sort these into ones which you need on the table and ones which have just decided to live there.
      • If they don't belong there, put them away!
    • Paper items
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    If possible, put up shelves, a bulletin board, and a calendar. Buy a wastebasket, a variety of folders and filling cabinets/mini-drawers. These are all very important in keeping your office table neat, even though they aren't actually part of the table as the things that would usually clutter up your table can now be moved else-where.
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    Put all of the rubbish in the bin. From now on, try to keep it off and from ever accumulating. This will not only clean your office table it will keep it clean!!
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    Put the pencils, pens, pins, blu-tack/sticky tack and things of that kind into pots to keep your office table tidy.
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    Put the books which you need on the table in the drawers, if you have an office table with drawers, or in a NEAT pile on the table if you do not have room in the drawers or have no drawers. Put things on shelves, if you have any, this will free up work room. If you have bought things to put under the table put them there (this is where they come in handy).
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    Do the same with paper- putting it away and neatening it.

Method 2
Everyday Tidying

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    Using a post-it note, mark on your table where certain things must go. Example: a post-it on the right corner for the tape and stapler.
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    If it helps you, make an In-N-Out box.
    • This keeps loose papers from floating around your table and you losing them.
  3. 3
    Tidy your office table at the end of the day so it is back to its original state if mess accumulated.
    • This is where the Post-its are nice, because you know you are done once every post-it is covered with its correct item.


  • Don't keep any types of liquids in your office, unless it's water with a lid, because spills of liquids, like Kool-aid or coffee can make a big mess, and worse, stain.
  • Clean and tidy table gives you peace of mind.
  • Go to a discount store to look for storage facilities.
  • Remember 'DO IT NOW' principle to keep your table clean and tidy.
  • Desk tidies are very easy to make by hand with toilet roll tubes and long match boxes, cheese spread carton boxes, etc.
    • If you need a lot of help, call a professional organizer, they help in making the job easier.


  • Never ever go home without tidying your office! Clients hate spending time in a stressful environment and a cluttered office IS a sore sight.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawers
  • Boxes
  • Desk tidy
  • Shelves
  • Mini drawers
  • A recycling bin (in which the items can be recycled, this will help in environment development and saves lots of your money.)
  • A calendar on your desk so you know when you have upcoming events.

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