How to Keep Your Necklaces from Being Tangled

Necklaces can easily become entangled during storage providing you nothing but frustration and possible damage to your jewelry. Avoid a knotted necklace by using a simple coat hanger from a local dry cleaning business to keep strands in place and unscathed.


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    Select a new coat hanger to accommodate your necklaces. You will only need one hanger, so make sure it’s a good, strong one.
    • Purchase/choose a coat hanger with a clean, cardboard base in order to keep necklaces in place. You want a hanger with a new cardboard base that has been damaged or compromised. The idea will be to thread the necklace strand through the cardboard hole so make sure the cardboard hasn’t been damaged or compromised.
    • Consider seeking hangers in various sizes. For a child’s necklace or a choker you may be dealing with a shorter strand. Inquire about or search for smaller hangers or check a local retail store for smaller wire hangers that are coated with cardboard.
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    Inspect your jewelry. If you are going through the process of making sure your strands remain untangled, you may as well be sure you want to keep each piece.
    • Separate fine from costume jewelry. You may not want to use the hanger method for your more expensive pieces or may want to store certain pieces separately.
    • Inspect each necklace or knots or damage. Make a clean start by checking each necklace for knots or missing pieces/stones. Go through each piece to see what can be salvaged and which pieces should be discarded.
    • Evaluate your current jewelry storage system. Do you use a jewelry box and does it have some sentimental significance? Do your necklaces constantly become tangled with the current system or is it working (somewhat) for you? You may want to continue using the same jewelry box after you get organized for rings or small earrings depending on the amount and type of jewelry.
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    Create your necklace hanger. You will only need the bottom of the coat hanger for this project so be sure you are armed with a slew of necklaces and wire cutters.
    • Remove the top and sides of the coat hanger. Use wire cutters to make a clean cut. Then bend back the sides after cutting the hanger ends to avoid being cut on sharp edges. You should have only the cardboard base section of the hanger.
    • Bend the top third of the hanger to create a right angle. This will provide for an area where you can either hang the cardboard base and/or act as a guide for your necklace strand.
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    Thread necklaces through the hanger. You should be able to fit a number of necklaces through this wide cardboard tube. To avoid overstuffing, have another hanger on standby if you feel as though your hanger is getting too crowded.
    • Drop the strand through the cardboard hole, small clasp first. Hang onto any charms and allow the strand to travel completely through the cardboard tube. The strand should be pulled tightly so adjust the bendable cardboard base accordingly.
    • Link the necklace together after it travels completely through the tube. Be sure the clasp is on well so that it doesn’t become unhooked during storage and mingle with other necklaces (and possibly become tangled).
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    Store the hanger in your closet or near the rest of your jewelry. You have a few options for storing your necklace organizer. Think about
    • Hang the “hanger” over a hanger in your closet. One way to quickly see what you have and which necklace will compliment certain outfits is to maintain your necklace hanger near your clothing.
    • Maintain necklaces near your jewelry box. Because this method may not be the “prettiest” you may want to conceal the hanger in an upper drawer in your dresser near your jewelry box.


  • Instead of hanging necklaces on coat hangers, place a detangled individual necklace in a small re-sealable plastic bag with the end of the necklace hanging out of one end.
  • Another method to keep your necklaces tangle free is to simply hang them on small individual hooks or purchase a necklace tree.

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