How to Keep Your Feet Warm

Five Methods:Wearing toasty-warm accessoriesApplying heatFixing the environmentActivityMake your own foot warmer

You're laying in your recliner under your blanket, and everything is warm except your feet. What do you do? A fresh pair of socks or a quick massage may warm those stubborn feet up in no time!

Method 1
Wearing toasty-warm accessories

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    Change your socks. If you have been wearing socks all day and your feet get sweaty, the sweat in your socks could be dampening your feet and making them cool.
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    Put on some warm, thick socks. Rub your feet together when you have put them on.
    • Put slippers over the socks for added warmth.
    • Wool socks are more insulating than cotton or polyester.
    • You can buy thermal socks. Put them on in bed when your feet get cold.
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    Warm your socks. Pop them in the dryer for up to 10 minutes before wearing them.

Method 2
Applying heat

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    If your feet are very cold, put them in a bowl of warm water or a foot massager that contains warm water. This warms them up straight away, and you could put bubble bath or foot cream in the bowl of water.
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    Heat up a rice bag and wrap it around your feet.
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    Use a hot water bottle and put it under/over your feet to warm the up quickly. Remember to take it off after a while as it will start to go cold. If you are going to do this, make sure the hot water bottle has a cover, it is not too hot and you are wearing socks, even if they are just thin.

Method 3
Fixing the environment

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    If the rest of your body is covered up, it could just be that the room is cold. Make sure windows are closed, put on the fire or central heating or buy a draught (draft) excluder if you think the coldness is coming from underneath your doors.
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    When you are in bed, wrap your feet in a blanket and make sure that it is tucked all way round your feet to keep them warm.
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    If you are in bed and your feet are cold, try lying on your stomach. Because your feet are not up in the air but rather lying flat, the blood actually circulates much more easily and your feet warm up. Once warm, you can turn back over and your feet will stay warm the rest of the night.

Method 4

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    If you have been sitting still for a while, move around or exercise your feet to warm them up. Stand on your tiptoes and then the flats of your feet or stretch your feet out and point your toes, then bring your feet back in and bend your toes. Repeat these till your feet feel tingly and warm.
    • Go ahead and walk around. The movement will circulate the blood in your body and warm them up.
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    Get up and do lots of jumping around and moving around. This gets the blood going to your feet and warms them up. This works better than the sock heating methods as it actually gets your feet warmed up from the inside rather than the outside.
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    If you have bare feet, rub on some foot cream or lotion and massage it in to help circulation and make your feet feel warmer. Then, put on some thick socks or shoes/slippers.
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    Rub your feet with your hands, for one minute and then put them back under the duvet.

Method 5
Make your own foot warmer

This foot warmer is simple to make with items you have on hand.

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    Fold a bed pillow in half. Pin the corners to make a pocket; use safety pins.
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    Add a homemade deep heat source.
    • Get some sturdy thick plastic 8 oz. juice bottles. Fill them to the top with comfortably-hot tap water. Or, heat the water-filled plastic bottles uncapped in a microwave oven. Then cap.
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    Use a thermometer to make sure temperature is safe.
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    Insert the water bottles in the pocket. Add as many as you like.
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    Slide your feet in and feel the deep heat.


  • Place a heating pad on top or below your feet.
  • Use socks or shoes to walk around on cold floors, not bare feet.
  • Make sure you have enough blankets on your feet if you are sleeping.
  • You could also just get an electric blanket to warm your feet. Just don't leave it on all night!
  • If your feet are really cold, try moving around and put some socks on.
  • Feet that are left out in the cold with no protection are sure to be cold.
  • Do not wear tight socks as this will reduce blood flow around the feet.
  • Wear woolen socks.
  • If you want to wear sock and the socks are cold, switch the radiators on and leave your socks on the radiator for a while. Make sure the socks are warm, but not uncomfortable.


  • Do not put socks in the microwave to warm them up because they will catch on fire.
  • If you are diabetic, do not put your feet in a bowl of warm water, against a hot water bottle, or use a rice bag to warm your feet. Instead, if you are diabetic, put on thick cotton socks and rub them with your hands.
  • Remember to turn your electric blanket off if you use one.

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