How to Keep Your Diary a Secret

Are you ever worried your nosy parent/little brother/nosy friend will read your diary? Never fear! "How to Keep Your Diary a Secret" article is here!


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    Buy yourself a diary that looks like a book. Like, don't buy a diary that says 'diary' across the front. Just buy a cute one that could be a school textbook, or whatever. It's a good idea to buy your diary when you are out alone, so that nobody gets suspicious.
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    Hide your diary. Not in the typical places, like under your bed or in a pillowcase. Hide it between the mattresses of your bed, In that purse at the back of your closet you never use, or even tucked away in the back of your bookshelf.
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    Don't write, 'Do not enter' across the spine of the book, as this will make people want to read it even more!
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    Get a fake, obvious diary. Across it, write, 'my diary, do not enter'. Inside, write a few pages of fake entries.
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    In your real diary, open to random pages and write fake entries there, too.
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    Let them know you have a 'fake diary'. Example: "So, yesterday I was writing in my diary, and..."
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    keep your fake diary obvious and in-reach.
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    If possible, put a book cover over your real diary so it looks like that book, and slip it back into your bookshelf. nobody will suspect a thing.
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    If you find your parents skimming through your diary, sit down with them and talk. They will understand and leave you alone. But if you have truly nosy parents, they will be suspicious of you and not know why you don't want them to read your diary. Talk some more, calmly and respectfully.


  • If your diary is found anyway, this means people were snooping around your room. Sit them down and talk.
  • In your fake diary, don't write that you are doing bad things in it. This will trigger your parents to be EVEN MORE NOSY if they read that in your fake diary.
  • Get one of those small bins for bedrooms then put your diary in it, and put a non see through plastic bag inside, and throw some papers on the top nobody will think to look in your bin!
  • Your diary is your responsibility, so it's up to you to keep it private.
  • When talking to a parent, respect them.
  • Make sure your fake diary and your real diary do not look identical. It can be confusing on which is which and the snoopers could end up reading your real diary.
  • Write something like 'Science Notes' on the cover. You can even copy some school notes onto a few pages, so even if someone decides to look at the first few pages, it'll just be notes. Don't write something like 'Sketches' or 'Songs' on the cover, as people might want to look at what you wrote or drew!


  • If someone does read your real diary, it may concern your parents, trigger a rumor, or worse things.
  • Fake diaries may lead to false rumours about you. So do NOT write things that will get you into trouble.
  • What you write in your diary is what you choose to write, and therefore, if you get punished for what you write in your diary, it is not my fault.

Things You'll Need

  • a subtle book that could be anything
  • a pen
  • a large, outstanding notebook

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