How to Keep Your Crush a Secret

Three Parts:Avoiding obvious tellsKeeping quietActing normal

Everyone has had that "butterflies in the tummy" feeling before. There is that certain special someone whose smile makes your heart melt. This guide can help you keep your crush a secret from the world - so only you get your special feeling.

Part 1
Avoiding obvious tells

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    Do not stare. Staring at him/her won't do anything. They or someone else could catch you in the act. If possible, stop your habit of staring at them. Or, just make sure no one (including them!) is watching, and just quickly side-glance at them.
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    Do not giggle hysterically when your crush looks over at you. They'll think you're creepy.

Part 2
Keeping quiet

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    Avoid telling anyone that you have a crush on this person. Especially someone with a reputation for being a gossip/big mouth and untrustworthy. If you don't feel one hundred percent sure someone won't use it against you, don't tell. You never know when you will fight with someone. They might use blackmail. You don't want it.
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    Keep a diary. This might be a good way to tell someone you've got a crush on someone, without letting anyone know. (Except if someone reads it.) If you are embarrassed about your crush, this can be a good way of looking at it objectively.
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    If others say that your crush likes you, just smile and say "that's nice". Don't confirm your crush to anyone else. They will go back and tell your crush.

Part 3
Acting normal

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    Treat your crush exactly the same way as you treat all your acquaintances. Be polite, but not overly attentive. If you tag along with them too much, they'll be annoyed or someone else will find out that you like him/her! But then again, you don't want to be too shy around them, either. They might consider you weird or be suspicious.
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    Be real and show your authentic self. If your special someone ends up liking you, you want this person to fall for who you really are, not someone you pretended to be.


  • If you are going to let anyone know..make sure it is a close friend, or someone you really trust!
  • Smile in a warm, friendly way, but don't speak of your feelings until you feel ready.
  • If you find yourself talking to your crush, try to keep a straight face and a normal tone of voice. It's all right to show a little emotion to keep them interested, especially if they show you some back.
  • If you catch your crush looking at you, there is a good chance you have a mutual attraction. Loosen up a bit, and make more eye contact.
  • Take your time--a secret crush is fun.
  • Don't worry if they eventually find out. They will probably be pleased that someone finds them attractive. A relationship might blossom but if it doesn't, don't worry. You'll be able to talk about them openly with friends, look out for someone who might just be Mr or Miss Right for you and you had fun having a secret crush!
  • Do not tell anybody, even someone you think you can trust.Next thing you know, they could backfire on you!
  • Buy a invisible pen and write in you diary. This way no one will know but you.
  • If you decide to tell someone your crush, never text them. You never know, they could screenshot it and send it to others, including your crush themself.


  • Don't stalk him or her. Following your crush around too much is just creepy and will kill any blooming feelings they might have for you.
  • Avoid stuff like doodling their name on papers; that's a dead giveaway. If you write about your crush in your diary or journal, make sure you keep it somewhere very safe. Never bring your journal to school! There's a very good chance someone will steal it.
  • Don't get too intense when she or he is around. Other people may figure out your crush and reveal it to them.
  • If they ask you if you have a crush on them, never deny it. Just try to change the subject, or if you're feeling risky, bounce the question right back at them and see how they react. There's a chance that they may be asking you because they feel the same way.

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