How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer

After all your hard work at finding the perfect fresh tree you want it to stay beautiful for the entire Christmas season. Whether you cut it yourself or purchase it from a source if well cared for it should stay beautiful and fragrant for up to four weeks. Here are a few tips to insure a lasting and enjoyable Christmas tree.


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    Buy an already fresh Christmas tree. To test if it is fresh enough to buy, hold the end of a branch fairly firm, but not too firm. Pull towards the end. If more than 3 needles end up in your hand, do not buy the tree, as it is already drying.
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    Cut the end of the trunk of the tree when you bring it home. You don't have to cut of a lot, an inch or two is fine. This will create a fresh opening in your tree to allow water to come in more easily.
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    Make sure it will fit in the desired spot at home. Check the trunk to be sure it is straight, in order to secure it safely in its stand. We made this mistake one year and brought home a very crooked tree. It should give off a strong scent. Then drop it on its trunk (if you can); if only a minimal amount of needles shake off, it's fresh.
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    Trim off an inch or more from the base. This opens the pores of the wood, helping it absorb more water.
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    Store it outside, if need be. If you have bought your tree but do not plan to set it up right away, help it retain its moisture by storing it outdoors.
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    Quench up your tree's thirst by giving it a mixture of one cup of 7-Up and four cups of water. This provides sugar and citric acid, nutrients that will prolong needle life.


  • Keep your tree cool! Set it away from direct sunlight and heaters, vents, fireplaces, radiators and television sets. Any source of heat will dry it out. Always turn off light when you leave the house.

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