How to Keep Your Brain in Top Shape

Did you know that it's possible to keep you brain in great condition and help stave off aging illnesses? Here are some steps that will stimulate your whole brain that will help you learn better, be attentive, live longer, and become much smarter than the average human.


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    Read. Reading is food for your brain. Reading is one of the best things you could do for yourself and your brain. Start out reading one book per month. Then try two books a month, etc etc.
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    Exercise. Exercising releases different chemicals to your brain that you don't get from anything else, including Endorphins and growth hormones. When you exercise a particular part of your body, growth hormones for your muscles spread through your body to help rebuild that muscle to be stronger and bigger. The great thing about it is that it helps other muscles to be stronger too.
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    Sudoku. Playing the game sudoku keeps your brain sharp and mostly helps the left side of your brain, being the logic part. Sudoku keeps you sharp, awake, and keeps you sharp when you are old. Try playing one game of Sudoku (which is located in any newspaper) once a week.
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    Crossword Puzzle. Playing a crossword puzzle, like Sudoku, keeps you sharp but also helps you to recall things faster and remember things better. Try doing this once a week. You can find this in any newspaper.
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    Music. Music stimulates your brain in many ways. Learning a new instrument helps stimulate the entire right side of your brain. Piano is said, but not 100% proven, to stimulate your brain the most. That is why many parents play classical music to babies.
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    Language. There are many perks to being multi-lingual. Not only can you communicate with more people and understand culture better, but it has a great effect on your brain. It stimulates most of your right brain and some of your left brain. Learning a language that has no roots to your own language (like English to Chinese) benefits your left brain a little more. But learning a language with connective roots (like English to Spanish) helps stimulate your right brain more than your left. Imagine if you did both.


  • The more activity you put on your brain the more it is stimulated, which will force itself to use more than is used normally.
  • Protein is one of the best nutrients you can give to your brain.
  • It doesn't matter how smart you are to start out with, it's how you use it.
  • Take all of your vitamins.
  • Your brain needs at LEAST 8 hours of sleep to rest.

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